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When do you change bong water?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Steno Nicolas, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. I mean, i just haerd people that they keep same water in bong and re-use it DOZENS of times after? How is it possible? Don't they clear the bong after and put it somewhere, like a dryer, a cipbard?
  2. I don't store mine so I don't change the water till it gets dirty.
  3. Most people leave their bong out on the table or whatever. I change mine like every 3 days.
  4. I change it when the water turns yellow.
  5. You really don't need to change the water until it is dirty, but it all depends on when you want.
  6. after every session.
  7. When it starts getting stinky!
  8. when its not completely clear anymore/slightly yellow

  9. If i did this my water bill would be massive. ;)
  10. I change mine using the same RO filtered water I give my plants, every other bowl pack.

    Sometimes more often (with each fresh pack) if I'm sampling new flowers, and sometimes very slightly less frequently, if I'm particularly relaxed or lazy, or if it's an especially social (busier) setting. :)

    I am a bit picky though and have very sensitive taste-buds.. I just like fresh water!

    An interesting note; (and improper flushing aside) I've often found that, with certain strains, the water 'ages' more gracefully than it does with others, and it occasionally tastes pretty nice by the fourth or fifth bowl... a bit reminiscent of those tasty 'lingering' exhales you have for a few minutes, after your last hit of some good bud. :)
  11. Honestly I like to change it whenever it makes the smoke taste different. The same with cleaning my bong. Shell be good until I start getting that nasty taste left on my tongue,that's when she needs to be cleaned/water changed
  12. After every session. I let it get too dirty once, and it spilled everywhere. Now if it even gets somewhat dirty I change it. Keep the piece as clean as possible as well.
  13. Usually change it every day, before the first session of the day.
  14. When I was using a bong I would change the water every day and clean the bowl before reloading it.

    Now that I run my Vap through the bong I change the water, at least, once a week and the bowl whenever I can't see through it.
  15. i used to change the water after every sesh, but that is because i had to store the bong in a hidden place. when i have a house this coming year i probably won't change it until every few days.
  16. Till its dark brown or black, then I drink it like coffee
  17. I like to change mine as much as possible, which is every session.
    I tend to really smell the water after about the third bong hit which is when I put down the bong for about an hour anyways.
    What really pisses me off about it though is when I take the bowl and everything out I go to pour the water out and the water comes through the stem and splashes on me or on the floor and then I and the floor stink like bong water :( I never remember to tilt it the other way to pour the water out because I'm always so high..
  18. I have to put mine back in its bag after us
  19. when it looks a bit dingy....
    and remember to rinse with iso and salt daily.
  20. I change my water every bowl and clean it when it starts getting nasty at the bottom, around 5 bowls.

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