When do trichromes appear??

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have a few different strains growing and all into flowering. Some of the strains are a but further in to flowering than the other more Sativa strains. However, I am not seeing really ANY trichrome production or sugarness on the leaves or the bud sites. I have one plant that is a tiki mix , not sure which exact strain, but the nugs are becomming very large but still no trichromes or even really an overwhleming smell.

    When should I expect to see the production of the trichromes?
  2. We are well into August. I have seen trichomes on my Indica plants easily by now.
  3. Is there potential that I am doing something wrong? I have been away from my plants for about a week now. I am vacationing in Cape Cod. I will return and check the plants on Saturday. Hopefully, then I will see what I am looking for. What can you comment about the smell? Is it just because I am outdoors I am not getting that powerful smell because it is disapating?
  4. Don't worry.. different climates means people's plants will show signs earlier, etc. My indica's are pretty large and have been outside since june, started inside in may.. still no trichome activity.. it's all in the climate, don't stress.
  5. Well I am in Cape Cod, many miles and hours from my home in Connecticut. I was so nervous about this trichrome issue that I sent my best friend to check the scene for me. He relayed to me that not only the buds were covered with them, but also the leaves and possibly some of the fan leaves.

    Now he does not know as much as I do about growing (not that I am pro, but I am getting there) but he knows enough and what to look for if I am instructing him over the phone.

    As for the security issue , I trust this kid with my life. He comes with me every time I go out there, and he loves to learn what I teach him. I consider this harvest more of ours, than mine. Without him there would be no harvest. I lost my license to DWI and I could never get all the things done for this grow without him.
  6. I will have pictures up very soon. It's about time for an update anyway.
  7. Can't wait to see them. As far as the trichome production is concerned, it really depends on the strain more than anything. Some of my plants started getting frosty as soon as the buds began to show. The rest are just now getting sugary. I'm sure they'll be white with resin by the time you're done.
  8. Yea, I hope so. I did spend a good deal fo cash on these genetics. Someone wrote me a PM early in the season telling me to stay away from Dutch Passion genetics. I ignored them and rightfully so. Those plants got a lot of stress early. I transplanted them from indoor to outdoor wayyy too early and it stunted them hard. They remained vigorous and fought off the stress and grew to be just as tall as my Sativas that were a month older and over 6 feet each.

    The bud production on the Dutch is far superior as well. When all is said and done I believe it will be the best smoke and the best high.

    Do trichromes have an absolute connection to the amount of THC in the buds?
  9. It would seem so.

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