When do these guys start needing light?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by turdo, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. 2 of my seeds just sprouted. When should they start recieving (insert time) of light? They are looking like spaghettios right now with a bump on the end :rolleyes:
  2. i've had mine in light since i put the germinated seeds in the ground...i'm vegging with cfl's
  3. you can give them 24/7 light or 18/6 when they break ground. good luck with your sprouts :wave:
  4. whats the difference between the two??
  5. 18/6 saves on electricity. thats the only difference
  6. The answer is the subject of a debate. 24/0 means lights on constantly, while 18/6 means 18 hours on with 6 hours of dark.

    Those in favor of 18/6 offer 3 reasons why they feel it is better:
    - Plants need a rest (some disagree)
    - Saves on the electric bill
    - Having lights off during the hottest part of the day can help with temperature management

    Those in favor of 24/0 offer these counter-arguments:
    - Plants do not need a "rest", and the more light they get the faster and bigger they grow
    - You might save on the daily electrical use, but if you can veg out in 4 weeks under 24/0 but it takes 6 weeks under 18/6 did you really save electricity over the long haul?

    Back to your original question, the sprout should be getting light as soon as it breaks the soil. I like to have them under light even before that so that they aren't waiting for light when they do break through.

    Personally I have tried both and did not see much difference, but it was not a controlled experiment. I tend to use 18/6 because my grow op is in my garage where the outside temps are a factor and 18/6 helps me manage temps better (lights on at 6pm and off at 12 noon).
  7. Im going to start giving my plants light soon too, how long should they be under 24/0? Untill they start flowering?
  8. Stay in veg cycle lighting until you are ready to flower the plants. At that time switch light frequencies and light schedule to 12/12.

    Sounds like you could benefit from reading up in the grow guides and other sticky posts, they cover all this basic information.

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