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when do plants flower outside?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by blitzkriegen, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I started growing my plants indoors at the end of April, and then i moved them outdoors about a month ago. They are growing well, but I am wondering when they will start to flower if i leave them outdoors. Thanks
  2. i also started my plants april first as of last week they have pre-flowered they will increas more rapidly after june 22nd that is when we start to decrease the natural photoperiod plants will be in full out bloom by sept 22nd. hope this helps
  3. As the days gets shorter at the end of June they'll go into flower.
  4. I dont know about the end of June. The days may get shorter but they still are not close to 12/12. Plants up here in Michigan usually start flowering in the middle of August.
  5. plants in california will begin flowering twice a year outside tword the middle of april and finish around mliddle of june you can force plants to flower inside for 4 weeks 12/12 schedule then bring outside last 4 weeks anytime of year with suffecent sun and flower that way HOWEVER main harvest time is end oct in california
  6. after preflowering, usualy
  7. I have found where I live they start to flower towards late july early august when it starts getting a little cooler out but im sure its different in other places
  8. Depends on where you are. Your longitude and latitude will determine when the days sunlight becomes LESS than twelve hours. This is when most strains begin flower.

    So when the days are longer than twelve hours the plant will stay in its vegetive cycle. As soon as the days get shorter, flowering begins as an attempt to preserve itself via seed production, before the winter frost kills it.
  9. best answer
  10. Old post, but I am growing outdoors in Michigan. I am also wondering when my plants will start to flower. Munchies stated that when the days start to get shorter than 12 hours.

    Well I went on weather.com and for my location it says sunrise at 6:21 AM and sunset at 9:05 PM. Basically.. does that mean they will start flowering when there is under 12 hours between sunrise and sunset?
  11. For the umteenth time I say "12/12 has no relavence to outdoor growing". Just when a plant will begin to flower depends greatly on the strain but almost all will start to bud long before 12/12. If flowering only started at 12/12 most of us would not be able to grow outdoors. The 12/12 photoperiod is used by indoor growers to trigger flowering. If you are growing outdoors just forget about 12/12.
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  12. august in us and europe
  13. I have to agree with Moosehead. It has to do with the strain. Certain strains will bud in August as Corto says. But there are autos that bud with age and early strains that bud at 18 hrs light, and some a combination of the two. Indoors is completly different.
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    I also agree with MH. Outdoor growing seems to disregard the 12/12 rule.

    This does lead to another question though and maybe this isn't the right thread for it but when is the best time to up the P for flowering and what is considered too high? I've seen 12-55-6.
  15. my plant started flowering a couple weeks ago. a plant will flower as long as the light period is less than 13 hours or so.. just depends on where ur at i guess. most plants started outdoors in may start to flower as early as july. but with it started indoors, who knows. just wait n see

  16. lmfao :D:bongin:
  17. From what I understand, most plants flower = START MAKING BUDS) in beg. Aug in the us and europe (n. hem). Simple.
  18. can i take a outdoor plant flower it inside then take it back outside once it starts budding

    well it go back to veg because light is not 12/12 because its summer or it doesnt matter because its to far in flower ??

    also how long would i have to flower it inside before taking back outside ?

  19. If you are taking your flowering plant inside to force flower I'm assuming under 12/12. You can take it outside to bud. BUT if your light schedule outside right now is still with summer lighting providing more than 12 hours of light and leave it there it will go back into a vegg state until winter.
    You are going to have to bring it inside and back outside each day to maintain the light schedule.
    If you are confused your plants are going assuredly be confused also.

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