When do i water?

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  1. When do i water my sprouted seeds? They have like 2 sets of leafs, and working on their third. The soil seems like its going dry a bit. I heard you had to wait ten days or so to water them. is this true?
  2. You should definitely keep the soil moist, stick your finger a 1/2 inch in the soil if its dry water it a little.
  3. Not sure where you heard that, but if you do, they'll most likely die. Keep the soil moist. The roots need time to grow deep enough to survive any real drying of the soil. Even after the plant is mature, waiting ten days would seriously stress the plant if not kill it. The top inch or so can dry out some at that point, but I'd say every few days at most.
  4. Thats what i thought. thanks guys.
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    General rule of thumb is every 48 hours or (like previous posters have said) when the top 1 1/2 or so is dry.

    As far as hearing people waiting to water their plants.. The only reason someone would do this is to induce root growth. If you starve the plant.. The plant generates energy to root development. Some growers will intentionally starve their plants for this reason. The plant will suffer an initial stunt in growth(because it focus's on the roots) but when you go back to the regular watering schedule it will have an explosion of growth.

  6. I see. well i dont want that. I watered them a bit ago. i hope they enjoyed it haha.
  7. No one can tell you when or how frequently to water your plants. You must learn what your individual plant's needs are. It will depend entirely on your setup and environment.

    In short, water your plant when she needs it, not to a set schedule that you have decided suits you.

    :) Over watering is a very common mistake.
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    She is right. I should have elaborated more on the watering. but i assumed since you didnt know when to water you also wouldnt know when or how to tell if your plant needs water. So I decided to give u a "rule of thumb" just so you didnt overwater. To help aid you further I have located some watering tips. Hope this helps.:wave:
    Which can be found here.
  9. thank you freedom and dr dro. I watered them last night, its been about 10 hours they already look like they are doing better already.

    Its nice you can come here and always get the help you need. what did growers do all those years before the internet?

  10. Read books. ;)

  11. :laughing:
  12. Im talking about before they really had books or any sorta how tos for growing, but yeah i get it haha.

  13. This place is a very, very cool information exchange, that's for sure. Best of all, it's mutha fukkin FREE! :hello::smoking:


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