When do I to start a scrog in grow cycle

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  1. I'm at 9 weeks at the moment, I've been super cropping, monster cropping, topping and fimming to this point. I'll let veg for another 3 wks or so then flipping lights. When in the grow cycle is best to begin the scrog net for best results? Any help would be awesome and appreciated. Thanks everyone.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Scrog nets are usually placed 8" - 12" above the top of the pots.
    Nice looking plants. :)
  3. My nets are 8-10 inches above the soil. I put the nets in as soon as the plants get that tall. Fill the nets during veg and then flower.

    Personally I would just lst those plants some and scrog next grow.
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  4. Set up the ScrOG screen at the very start
    The screen is there so you don't have to top, fim, and supercrop. It controls the growth for you. It looks like it's not worth putting a screen there now as you already have a full canopy. In fact, they look ready to flower
  5. I would still put the screen or a trellis up just to support the branches once they get buds on them
  6. Yeah I agree that a support net is definitely worth doing.

    Not a ScrOG screen though, it's a bit late for that
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  7. Thank you, now I know for next time. You guys are great.

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