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When do I switch from veg to flower?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by spliffy123, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Please help. Had my 6 plants in 10 ltr pots from seed under 200w blue cfl light in 1m x 1m x 2m tent. They were under the cfl for 18/6 for 4 weeks but were still pretty stumpy, about 6-7 inches, so I put my 600watt hps light on for the 18/6 veg cycle and they have filled out alot but have not got much taller, hps has been on for nearly a week, that's 5 weeks veg and still no taller or signs of pre-flowering. Should I switch them to 12/12 or wait?:confused:
  2. They will at least double in size when you flip. So estimate if they will fit
    Your space if they doubled right now.
    You can flip anytime but the longer you do veg the bigger the end result will be
  3. I've read if you switch to early the fem seeds can hermi. Been told I should wait till they about a foot tall till I flower but 5 weeks in they are only half that?
  4. You said they were under blue light. Please explain that. If you had them under a blue party light, that's what fucked them up. Or do you mean blue spectrum i.e. 6500k?
  5. They won't hermie because of the 12/12
    They herm if there is a light leak ebb they are in darkness that confuses the plant to go
    Back to veg.

    If a seed fell late in the year as it grew it would only see 12/12. They don't herm they just don't get big because of the late start.

    Ya I hope u meant blue spectrum not blue
  6. Yeah, sorry should have said that, it was a blue spectrum cfl. So do you think it's safe to change to 12/12 even though they are only 6-7 inches tall (but quite bushy).

  7. Its been safe for quite some time. You can do 12/12 from seed some do. Im running two just to see. You'll be fine. THey will double to triple in height pretty fast as well btw.
  8. Thanks for all your help, will put them on 12/12 tonight. Should I see signs of balls or pistols as soon as they go into flowering or will that not happen for a couple of more weeks. Also read you shouldn't flower till you see pre flowering. Not sure what pre flowering looks like.

  9. You'll be fine. Should a male develop they look completely different and you'll have plenty of time to rip it out


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  10. Thanks again for your help, switched to 12/12 tonight and gave them a little feed but noticed the tips on some of the leaves are going brown and some have brown spots on, should I be concerned or is this natural?
  11. I myself woulda had that sorted out before the flip.
    U wanna flower the healthiest plants.
    A lock out or defiency now could hamper your whole grow
    Without pics who can really be sure what your problem is

    My advice sort it out in veg. Then blast off
  12. Things looked fine till the day I switched to 12/12 I noticed brown tips and spots on some leaves, they have been veging 5 weeks now in biobiz soil.Fed just tap water for the first 4 weeks plus 1ml biobiz grow per 1 litre water for Last week of the 5 weeks. Just started first couple o days of flowering on 12/12 cycle (Kalashnikova/Indica). Is this is a sign of under watering?? (see pic) gave them a good feed but also read.....overwatering can do them even more damage?? Confused?? Is the brown tips a bad sign?

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  13. They are not a good sign this early that's for sure.
    They usually yellow first then go brown. So I doubt this just happened overnight.
    Does your tap water smell of chlorine? Do you let it sit for the chlorine to evaporate before use?

    Make your mix .5 mL to 1L give it to her in half strength to see what she can take.
    And water about once a week. Get familiar with pot weight wet and dry. Then you can tell by picking it up. You will know if there is still some water in there by theweight.
    Letting her dry right out actually encourages the roots to go hunting for more water.
    More root growth is a great thing.

    I'd say back off on the ferts a lil. You might be just burning her delicateness.
    Speaking of burn. What are your grow temps and RH?

    Another thing if old leaves yellow and die it is a sign but dont panic. Your in soil so it takes a while longer than hydro to really fuck her up.

    Just my 2 cents here. save 50 bucks and buy a decent 2 ft T5 with a cool and spare warm bulb and use that. Those CFLs are useless and gonna grow you some wispy buds.
  14. Kalashnakova? Is that a GHS? Might
    Explain everything right there lol
  15. Kalashnikova is white widow crossed with ak-47 from ghs, been reading some gardening forums too, they suggest water may be the problem? Was thinking my water may be too harsh. Stay in Scotland so the water should be ok but we get a reddish stain in sink and shower, think this is a sign of high iron content so I've been running water through a filter jug. Will drop fert content as well.

    My temps are about 31 deg c with 600w hps on 12/12 and drops to about 20 with light off. Humidity varies from 20-50%. Got a bowl of water in tent to keep humidity up coz I thought fans might be drying things up. Got fans for in/out and 2 circulation fans.

    What should I change? Only water 1 or 2 times a week?

  16. His reference to Green House Seeds I think meant that GHS is infamous for over pumping there product, grows never looking like what they demonstrate then they have a somewhat of a negative rep with other seed banks...aka ripping off other companies strains only to call it there own.

    Sometimes growth in plants slows down only to speed up again..dont freak out over it. Trying to fix something small can sometimes compound issues or create new ones. Id wait for a little while more.

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