When Do I Start Using The Lights?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by leiDcorp, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. hey guys i need some help on my grow.

    this is my first time and i'm very excited, i have had about 4 of my seedlings sprout already.

    'at what point do i start putting my grow under fluros?'
    'do i need to repot them and leave only about an inch surfacing?'

    here are some pics, please tell me if they are ready. :)


  2. Start using light ASAP
  3. yeah they need a lot of light. They kinda look dead.
  4. alright i put them under a few fluros that i purchased from walmart...:(

    two fluros are 75 watts and have 750 lumens, while two mini fluros (in lamps) give off 800 lumens each, giving me a total of about 3100 lumens.

    this is a VERY small amount of lumens, :( but hopefully it will last a little while?
    i will check again in an hour or so, if they look bad ill make an emergency stop to walmart and buy some cfls i guess :confused: thank god for 24 hour walmarts lol.

    will these lights last me until vegetation?
    i was thinking that i could leave them under fluros for now, and then switch to HPS or MH when vegetation comes...



    thanks guys for all of the help, much appreciated. :hello:

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