When Do I Start Using Nutrients?

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  1. Nute Experts,

    I just finished gerninating my seeds and threw them in some small cups with Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. One of the two broke the surface today. I also have the Fox Farm Nutrient 3 Pack (Grow Big, Big Bloom and Extra Strength) When do I start using these, which do I use first, how much and how often?

    Threw in some pics of the little ladies even know you can't see much yet.

    Thanks to all the GC contributers for far for all your help so far,


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  2. The seed carries enough nutrition to feed the plant for up to 3 weeks. After week 2 you could start feeding at 1/4 strength, then alternately water. As the plant grows, it will tell you when to up the nutrient strength. If the new growth is coming out light or lime green, up the nute strength 1/4 strength at a time. You want to use Big Bloom first.

    Make sure you let the soil or medium dry out. It is a common mistake to over water when seedlings are just beginning their life. If you can stick your finger into the soil about 2" and not feel moisture, it's time to water.

    Have fun on your grow........
  3. if you transplant into new FFOF then i'd suggest about a week or 2 after they are transplanted into big buckets, start with 1/8 strenth and gradually work your way up as your plant grows bigger and needs more nutes. the ffof has a bunch of organic nutes already in it (bat guano,etc). ive had my ak's in the ffof (3 gal buckets since start) for almost 2 weeks now and plan on going another week w/o nutes (using only ph ballanced water + superthrive).

  4. I'm 99% sure that you use grow big first and big bloom during... bloom.
  5. sorry shoulda listened to that 1%....the names are decieving but Grow Big is for veg and TIGER bloom(extra strength is what he said) is for flower. You are suppose to use Big Bloom throughout, it is womewhat of a nutrient booster, it has earthworm casting and bat guano in liquid form and alot of other fun stuff!
  6. Here ya go...


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