When do i start to flush?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Taz421, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. And for how long? I have a dwc and 1 dirt plant there cheese autoflowers and there about 80 days old. The seed company said they grow in 60 days. The hairs on the buds are still a little long... Its my first grow so im going off of what i know weed should look like.the buds have nice crystals n hairs.. Its gettin close to the finish line.. I'm thinking 2 weeks left? 15029823521501901062298.jpg 15029823963001822158512.jpg 15029824309881355715895.jpg
  2. Your looking close, two weeks is probably a safe estimate. I'd start checking Trichomes after all the hairs recede into the calyxs. I've never done dwc, but I've read for hydro flush for 2-3 days, soil1-2 weeks. I'm only on my second grow so I'm just going off of experience plus all the reading I've done. Hope that helped

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  3. Its looking like some of the top buds hairs are starting to recede while the bottom buds hairs are still long. Should i chop the tops off when there done or wait till the whole plants is done. The tops are gonna be done first
  4. You can do either, people do it both ways

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