When do I start giving nutrients?

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  1. Hey guys
    My new seedlings are nearly 3 weeks old now and I don't know when I should start giving nutrients. I have biobizz grow and bloom.

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  2. dont know ,no imformation provided,if in coco,pro mix,perlite,peat moss,yes
  3. It's a compost mix with 25% perlite.
  4. so are you saying cow shit with perlite,dont mean to be a drag but you aint giving no info at all so guess you on your own,some one will chime in a help ya
  5. I'd start now at half strength even less increasing each week

    but hey I just follow thew label on the bottle

    good luck
  6. Do you want me to list every single ingredient in the compost or something mate? It's compost bought from a local producer. I don't like your attitude mate need to get your head out your ass ;)
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    You're outdoors? Where are you in the world?
    Your soil looks like back yard dirt with perlite mixed in.
    I could see that it's got a good bit of clay in it.
    If you are pretty much anywhere in northern hemisphere you are very late for planting outdoor.
    Outdoor plants are starting to flower now.
    As far as your nutrient schedule goes, once the plant has a couple sets of true leaves going you can start feeding at 1/4 strength.
  8. seems to me you come on here like your doing a secret ass low profile grow ,well homie dont ask questions unless you give more info,if it straight out compost go hard,i grow in manure myself,once you pull that head out your ass you will figure in compost you dont need nutrients at all dumb ass,folk come here ask questions ,dont give shit for medium ,lights ,air flow,then put up a damn picture of half a fucking leaf and say whats wrong,when the head is still up the ass by not taking what they ask for help,you want fucking help give details,fuck i can go pull a damn seedling out the rocks i live on and do the same ,would you be able to answer my question,hell no you couldnt,you are a prime example of a askhole,ask question wait for someone to come on and say what you were gonna do in the first place,bash everyone in between,so be friend,just looking for a cop out for when you fuck up ,you can say well he told me to do this,so friend,ask your questions when no one answer now you will know why,well that good i got to get the shit off my head from being up my ass i sugest you do the same cause it stink,have a wonderful day friend and quit fucking alerting my ass you dont wont my help anyway
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  9. I was going to say the same thing. Looks like it has some clay in it. Looks kinda like mud

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  10. So you're telling me compost in a pot is enough for the whole grow? Lol you're an idiot...
  11. I'm in the southern hemisphere ... I'm not an idiot
  12. Oh and keep the life story for someone who actually cares ;)
  13. To be fair mate i speak to an outdoors guy that pulls down 3kg monsters every time in nothing but composted horse manure.
    Not stickin up for the guy or getting involved in a shoutin match but yeah, a pot of compost can be more than enough.
    Recently found out theres stuff called "no till" soil aswell. A pot of that can grow plants for god knows how many seasons without needing nutrients.
    Fuck soil growing though its way to complicated for me.

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  14. Yeah I'm pretty sure my soil isn't that great... and my pots are only going to be 3 gallon so yeah... Don't mind him lol... not sure what his problem is

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