When do I start feeding nutrients?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kwsg, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. This is only my second indoor grow and I was wondering when do most people start giving nutrients to there plants. My prospects are 4 days old today from when they went into the dirt. They all have there first set of leaves actually the second set if you count the first round ones that come out. Sorry my terminology is not up to par I'm having some brain farts

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  2. Also using General organics GO box liquid nutrients, and last round I used everything in the box and seemed to do really well

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  3. Clones? From seed? Soil have nutrients in it as is?

    I do series cloning (clone from the plant I cloned off the last one, before flowering, will take a clone off the most recent plants in the line before flowering it, etcetera)...two weeks in a hydrocloner, two weeks, in soil with just water, then two weeks of lighter nutrients, then getting to "suggested levels" is my pattern...been successful.

    From seed, though, most say "30 days from going into soil".
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  4. From seed

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  5. GIve them at least a month from germ before you feed them.
  6. 4-6 weeks is a safe bet, depending on your soil i'd lean towards the 6
  7. it depends on your soil though...remember that...strong soil less need for feeding
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  8. Does pro-mix hp have anything in it?

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  9. Not really.  Add a bag of organic earthworm castings, organic lobster compost, and 4 cups of organic blood meal.  That soil would take you to flower without nutes, but I still feed them regardless.  This is a good base mix that will work for seedlings too without burning them.

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