when do i know when its flowering time? thanks in advance!

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    hello i am brand NEW to growing and have embarked on growing some aurora indica with half outdoor (daytime) half indoor (nightime) situation. the plants are just about 5 weeks old and i was wondering when CAN u tell or want to go into the flowering stage of ur growth? here is a pic of the plants [​IMG]
    the plants were just watered down....hence the droopiness:) , the 3 plants i grew vary between 18 and 22 inches in height so far, and were planted about 5 weeks ago.
    I will FULLY appreciate feedback, thanks much, much love, always, 8 :hello:[​IMG]
  2. That depends on height restrictions. I've heard they can grow another 1/3-1/2 in height when in flowering. Your plant is ready at any time, just switch to 12/12 light dark, and in 8-12 weeks, you should have some nice sweet bud to smoke, if you dry and cure it correctly. That info is avaliable here.

    Good Luck

  3. This is the Outdoor forum. Your ladies will show you when it is time to flower.
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    thanks for the answer guys...much appreciated, and yes i am fully aware this is the outdoor section, and these are plants that are outdoors all day long, till dusk, then inside with light. So i can now switch the light cycle to 12/12. thanks again, :D
    anything other suggestions will be taken in, and as far as when my ladies will tell me, is the very reason for this post, i was not sure on all the signs ;)

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