When do I have to transplant out of party cups to pots???

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  1. I currently have 9 white widow seedlings that I germinated and planted a week ago. They are in 16 oz party cups with holes in the bottom under a 4' T5 light that is 50 watts. How long can I wait until I have to transfer them into a bigger pot? I am trying to only transplant them once into my 5 gallon pots I have ready for them. Also, is it common for the anchor root to grow through the bottom of my cups? That happened to about half of them. Thanks.
  2. i'm not so sure cause i'm a new grower myself

    but you gotta transfer the plants when they become root bound, the rule of a thumb is for very 1' of a plants height a 1 gallon pot.

    Anyhow if the ancher root reached the buttom it could be that they are root bound, gently take 1 plant out of the pot with the soil and look at the edges, if its has a lot roots visible then its root bound
  3. That's amazing, never heard of a week old plant with such a long taproot. were the keg cups filled most of the way up? I've grown tomato seedlings for 3 months in solo cup and while there was a solid root ball, they weren't too bound up.
    I would wait until the sprout has a couple of sets of leaves before transplanting them.

  4. I know this thread is dead af but I was interested in what oldschool said about the soil being filled to the top. Does that have any significance to the tap root growin out of the cup?? I plan to transfer mine right when the sprout makes it first set of leaves
  5. Less soil would just mean a shorter distance for the taproot to reach the bottom, not that it would be easier to go through the cup.
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