when do i harvest ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wasted-dna, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. First grow

    i just popped the seeds into some soil and just let nature take its course.. have no idea what im doing and with limited resources :(

    under LED light

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  2. Pretty nice..
    How long in flower?
    You will need a 30x+ loupe or Camera Phone Microscope attachment (Under $10 at Amazon)
    See this for harvest info:)
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  3. i have one of the 60x for the mobile couldnt get a clear pic at all took the microscope off of the mobile and looked in it just white hairs i took more pics should i cut the leaves off or keep them ? IMG_4284.JPG IMG_4285.JPG IMG_4286.JPG
  4. I never cut leaves (JMHO)..maybe just tie them back (I use bamboo support poles to tie the leaves to)
    Just judging by the white pistils pointing upwards; I would think a few weeks more to harvest..Another highly debated topic is flushing..I flush for between 7-14 days before harvest myself..some do, some don't.
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  5. man thank you for the fast replies! when i counted 7 or 8 weeks since i changed the timing i thought i would be able to harvest on August do you think that would be a good time to harvest ?
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  6. I am with Buzzer I never cut leaves except to prune the lower branches next to the planter just before switching to flower, your girls look nice but are still full of life, keep an eye on her trichromes once her pistols start to brown out looks like you have several weeks yet, avoid getting anxious the buds really plump up the last couple weeks one does not want to miss out on that...
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  7. August is a good bet (I'm from Nevada and I never bet..LMAO)..ONLY the Trichomes know for sure though.

    Nothing is written that you must harvest the whole plant either! Partial harvests have become the norm..You cut what is ripe and leave the rest to ripen further..
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  8. yeah they look pretty good man, but it still looks like they got a few weeks to go. Keep in mind that when everyone says its a 8 week flowering cycle, thats not an exact science. You can buy seeds that are designed to grow fast and be done around 8 weeks. But you gotta let the plant tell you when she's ready. When those white hairs stop pointing up and recede and turn brown/orange is when you should keep an eye on the trichomes. No point until you see those white hairs start to recede. That is showing that the flower is still growing right now, so you still got a little bit.
    Once the white hairs stop and start to recede the bud will plump up quite a bit as well.
    And to your other question, no, don't trim leaves especially in flower. You can tuck them like several others have said, but generally don't do any trimming during the flowering process.
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  9. Looks like Maybe a few weeks or so, I too use a loupe exclusively now as I suck judging finishing times by just looking

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