When do I harvest this mutant plant?

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  1. What happened? like scientifically speaking?

    The plant was indoor then outdoor, when outdoor there was a 1000 watt HPS near her for two hours of sunrise and two hours during sunset. the timer got set wrong over a month into flower and then a couple week later the light was removed entirely.. now that spring is coming it is flowering but im curious if others have made a plant reflower with extra colas coming from the main colas. is this a foxtail and if so how far along is she/when do i harvest? in a week? some hairs are dark but its been almost 4 months of flowering.

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  2. Definitely not ready. Seems like maybe due to inconsistent 12/12, she may have re-vegged. Either way, the statue in the background from The Goonies is pretty cool.

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