When do I Fertilize? And How?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by LittleRipper, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Can somone help me out and tell me when i should fertilize my outdoor plants and with how much fert? Its strating to upset me latly. I've tried alot of differnt things and everywhere i look theres another way to do the same thing. Somone please help me out.


    P.S. Heres the next batch ready to be planted (attached) and im ready to plant them once somone tells me what to do.

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  2. for right know, just get some good soil from store, and cups and fill it with soil. how many seeds are sprout, that how many cups u gonna fill with soil, and put the sprouts tap roots down first, and cover ove the seed skin. so it be totaly cover..

    u dont fert untill the plant is 21 days old after u see the first 2 leaves..
  3. When they're growing, use ferts high in nitrogen (The first number in the NPK ratio). When they're gonna flower, use ferts high in the middle number of the NPK ratio.

    And don't fert your plants till they're old enough, or you'll just kill/hurt them.
  4. Thanks 420 but now they are sprouting and the first 2 leaves are definatly out a bit. I was just wondering what kind of fertilizer i should use. I have heard that you should use a fertilizer with alot of nitrogen in it. Correct me if im wrong please. I really want these plants to grow. write back.

    Little Ripper

    P.S. I am growing outside and heres a pic of one of them rite now (there are 2)

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  5. hey whats going on, common newb mistake is fertilizing when not needed. you do not need to for atleast 2-3 weeks. ive taken the liberty to show you whats feeding your plants the red circles, those leafs are your embryo leaf, they sustain the plant with everything it needs. so dont fert yet.

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  6. i belived thats soil dread...:D....

    yea like dread said.. give it 21 days befor u fert for the first time..

    look for a fert with equal number for example 10-10-10 all purpose,

    or if u want to go organic look for a Grow Power Plus 5-3-1... these fert, gives the plant a boost in veg grow...

    Ps.. seedling looks like it starting on a good start...

  7. Why would you want to use equal? I would think you would want something with a higher N in comparison to a PK ratio. example: 12-4-4. Better for vegitation. Correct me if I am wrong here.
  8. i just type my reponse to your quetion, and i lost it all so i will keep short now..

    I use a 20-10-10 meracid or something like that, and i knowdest salt starting to develope on top of the soil... so i stuck to equal banlance number like 10-10-10 until now..

    now im useing a 5-3-1 organic fert, and are way better results then the all purpose grow 10-10-10...

    so far i suggest people to use organic fert... veg results are better, and i cant wait how flowering will go... Oh yea, i use the Meracid once in a while, if i knowdest the plant is really low on nitrogen...........
  9. Thank you all so much

    But now the question arises.....when to fert.......

    write back


    P.S. The both of them

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  10. When- At least 21 days after the plants break the soil surface.

    And it should be "soil, Dread." not "soil dread." NaughtyDread is also known as Dread... (And 420 was talking to Dread...)

  11. Did i miss something....
  12. He asked what "Soil Dread" was...and I explained it was a typo, not the name of a soil. Then he edited out what he said I guess...
  13. yea im an idiot somtimes

    didnt realize what he had said "soil dread" meaning "soil, dread"

    thanks everyone

    ill keep you all posted

    plenty of rain today for my babies :-D

  14. lol.....makes a funy read......
  15. im still confused at what happened lol
  16. "yea im an idiot somtimes

    didnt realize what he had said "soil dread" meaning "soil, dread"

    na, is my fult... i never use commas, and stuff like that.....
  17. New Pics coming later today
  18. Nothing to do with Fert.

    My peice's Nessy (front) and Chubbs (back)


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  19. I think im about ready to fertilize. I'll have more pics as soon as my camra starts working again but i can tell you all that there are 3 sets f leaves and the most recent set has 3 leaves attached to it. Please write back soon.


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