when do i feed my plants??

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  1. ok im still new to growing so im in need of help!!! i've always heard that when you 1st plant the seeds (up untill flowering) that you shouldnt have any nutes. in the soil (is that correct???) if not the plant will get nute burn (and turn yellow)???? well i've also heard that if your plants turn yellow that you need to "feed" them??

    how do you add nutes to a plant?? do you re-plant it in new soil (with ferts) (i dont think this is the way...because you would risk shock again)

    the soil i used....well i thought it was organic but it has the following:

    n= 0.14%
    p2o5= 0.09%
    k2o= 0.02%
    fe= 0.25%

    is this bad or good?? i've had my plants in this soil since they were 1st transplanted in to large pots (which was just after germination)

    the plants are still in the veg. state so when do i give them more nutes/ferts or switch soils?? also im worried because the plant tips are turning a lil yellow. also i see some yellow spots on the leaves (they look like lil dots) and i see what looks to be fruit flys in my grow room....to try and kill the bugs i've been sprayin a mix of anti-bacterial dish soap, garlic, crushed red peppers, and a lil black pepper (it helps a lil bit, but i still see bugs)

    so please if you can help me save my babies and learn from my mistakes so i dont do this on my next grow
  2. those flys are probably fungus gnats. do a search here on those to see how to treat for them.

    Switch soils for your next transplanting. I don't think you need to feed your plants for a while (usually not until the sprout is about 3 weeks old) because your soil already had nutes in it.

    Don't water too much.
  3. ok ill search the gnats. when do i transplant next??(and wouldnt that be a rick of shock...again?) and my plants are atleast 5 weeks old, did the soil do anything bad to my plants??(is that a reason they could be so small?) and about the water....it seems the plants are taking more and more water (i water when soil is dry, about 1-2 inches deep). also what could be causing the plants to turn yellow?? (thanks for the help: up4anything)
  4. also what about the soil??? was that a bad choice?? and when do i transplant or add soils?? i thought i only had to transplant once?
  5. anyone??
  6. im not tryin to bug people but can someone give me some advice!?? i dont want my clone to die, im just about ready to flower (just wanna get the clone a lil bigger 1st)
  7. The soil is fine...

    You can feed the plant with Schultz Liquid Plant food (10-15-10) every water if you want, but not until its at least 5 inches tall.

    The plant food will keep your soil nice and rich in nutrients without burning the plant or its roots.

    its 7 drops per quart.. Make sure you have your water PH'd between 6-6.5
  8. When your going to flower, use the same company... Shultz Bloom Plus... 1 tablespoon per Gallon, water it with that every week, inbetween waterings use the same Shultz liquid plant food as usual.
  9. thanks dierwolf!! so i can keep it in the same dirt?(i dont have to change it or transplant?) and just add the plant food when i water? thanks again......also do i need to "flush" anything? (i hear flush alot....not sure if thats somethin i have to do?)
  10. ok i bought the liquid food...and i hope it will save the clone....the leaves are all droopy

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