When do farmers harvest their corn?

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  1. Im in the midwest and the corn is getting tall along with our plants. I know it wont be until at least after august but anyone know when they usually do? Our plants are in a field and we want to make sure they have enough time and dont end up harvested by the wrong kind of farmer! Thanks for your help.
  2. When is corn harvested?
    In Iowa, some farmers might begin harvesting corn by mid-September, but most of the harvest is likely to take place in October. In a cool year, when the corn matures more slowly, much of Iowa's crop isn't harvested until November. Harvest times can vary a good deal because different corn hybrids take different lengths of time to mature. Even when plants are physically mature, farmers might wait to harvest them until corn kernels have dried further so that the corn can be stored for longer periods of time.

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