When do cigs expire?

Discussion in 'General' started by JoeK1, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. My bro bought a pack of cigs a month maybe 2 months ago... i took it away cause he's smoking alot... I just remembered that theres half a pack left! They still good?
  2. oh btw- Marlboro brand
  3. Think about it. Let a bag sit out for a couple years and see how it is. Its still weed, But its in no way good as it once way.

    They degrade.
  4. nahh... like dip for ex, dip with expired dip and have fun throwing up.
  5. lol.

    Its loaded with carcinogens and harmful chemicals. It says it WILL cause cancer on the side, whats the point of having an expiration date? It will be just as lethal in the long run, except it will taste stale.

    and the worst thing in the world is a moist cigarette.

    You should quit if you can.
  6. i dont smoke often, i go through a tin every other day but thats different hah
  7. what?
    Thats often enough...
  8. It should still be good enough to smoke. I once smoked year old tobacco, now that was harsh and horrible.
  9. Yeah...
  10. I find that after the 2nd day open, cigarettes get noticeably worse every day after that. But then again, if your not a full time smoker, you probably won't notice a difference if they are a little bit old.

  11. cigs will be fine for a long ass time

    chew(dip) will go dry even after a month or so, depending on the container.
    but shit got dry dip just add water and ur good to go

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