when did you?

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  1. Lose your virginity (age) and how was it?
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    first real time, i was 17.
  3. 15...I think I came before I even got it all the way in.
  4. 13. and it was decent! lasted bout 15 minutes (with condom) lol!
  5. BJ I was 13, she was 16. Actual sex was 15.
  6. 18... i know... not trying to flex or anything, i swear on my mom, we didnt finish maybe like 2 and a half to three hours in, her mom walks in on us after she got off of work. (we were both high balls lol) it was a total fml moment. It was all cool though her mom was so chill she was just like "shit happens"
  7. when I just turned 17.
  8. 16 i was WASTED it was not good... i was her 10th
  9. 18 I think. Anything before that is Pedo sex regardless of your age.
  10. When I was 15
  11. 16 and a half
  12. 15 and it was coo'
  13. 15. And it was amazing. Till my parents showed up early :/
  14. I was 19, it was amazing make up sex after a big fight with my boyfriend. We almost broke up...but then...well we're still going strong :p
  15. 14, i fucked that bitch reverse cowgirl. fuck the popular media and sex ed classes. it was easy, straight-foward and it felt great.
  16. I was 15, she was 17, it was a first for both of us. It was awesome and a letdown all at the same time.
  17. 18! was very drunk one night stand that lead to a almost 2 year relationship!
  18. 14, I went to a private school so when people found out they flipped a shit and I liked that.

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