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When Did You Start Smoking Bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FreshStoner, May 22, 2013.

  1. First time I ever smoked I was 16. Havent gotten high since untill I turned 18. Even then I never continued smoking it was only occasional at parties. At age 20 is when I actually started to smoke more often, maybe about every 3 days. And for sure on the weekends.

  2. not soon enough
  3. first time i actully got high was age 11. but before that i had access to weed and would somtimes give it to my sisters friends cause i thought it made me look cool LOL

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  4. I was young, drunk, and got offered to join a smoke sesh with a bunch of hot girls. What 16-year-old kid in an inebriated state would turn that down? 
    Not this guy...
    Prior to this experience I had no desire try it and was actually against smoking anything. I'm 24 now and the herb has been a part of my life ever since  :wub:
  5. 13 I think. Was so good.
  6. 12

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  7. Fourteen. my mom is the shit.
  8. Summer going into freshmen year. I didn't know that there was anything other than dank at the time so I was so completely baked. Never got ripped off until I was like 16 since I just asked for dank, people only assumed I wasn't a beginner. I was only kid in my class that was labeled a pot head. I was also judged heavily but what everyone didn't know is that I knew dirt on every single one of them so this one time a kid called me out I being high in class, my principal searched me and found nothing, went back to class and told the kid that I could smell the whiskey in his water bottle and he got so busted :smoke:

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