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When Did You Start Smoking Bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FreshStoner, May 22, 2013.

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    1958 on my 13th birthday. Had a great time and, best of all, no hangover the next day.

  2. #62 Greenbean1011, Jun 7, 2013
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    I started as soon as i got to high-school ahh good the good ole days in 9th grade <3 15 years old
  3. Sometime around 2005-2006; I forget. :)
  4. when I was 15. Never been a daily smoker though.
  5. Started at 15. On my birthday, me and my friends bought 2gs and got fucked up.

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  6. age 13 1983
  7. 13 years old, those were the days, skipping school with mates and going to this abandoned house we knew and just smoking til we wanted food then venturing down to the beach and getting food.
  8. back in 1994 when i was 13 im 31, 32 this december
  9. 15 years ago.
  10. 14, everyday at 15
  11. 17. Started smoking more frequently when I was 19.

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    I was 14 the first time I smoked, 18 now.
    I smoked out with this girl earlier today who started smoking bud when she was 7, haha, that shit blew me away
  13. Damn. You all started early!
    I'm hoping that my brother (13) doesn't start too early. Whether it be for his own good, or the fact the I would be jealous he started earlier than me  :mad:
    I started half a year ago. I just turned 18.
  14. First time was in 8th grade , full time stoner when I was 16 , 19 years strong
  15. First time for me was 9th grade. I smoked off and on with random people after that, never more than once every couple of months though. But I've been an every-day smoker for the past year, and I'm 20 now
  16. i was halfway through sophomore year of high school when i started, my first time was in my best friend's girlfriend's nissan. we were hotboxing bong rips of some blue dream. i fuckin went home stumbling and my parents were sus as hell lol
  17. first time was 13
    didnt get a hook up until like 15
  18. 14. Always said i'll never do drugs until my uncle handed me that blunt.
  19. 15, didn't get high the first time. Second time was out of one of my dad's old tobacco pipes with aluminum foil for a screen. Tasted like shit but I remember the change from being sober to being high like it was yesterday. Loved it, still do.

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