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When Did You Start Smoking Bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FreshStoner, May 22, 2013.

  1. Damn, lots of people starting earlier than I thought. My assumptions were that many started in high school (no pun intended).

    anyways, first time was about a month after I turned 17. Couple months later and it was err'day.
  2. I started when i was 15 I'm 19 now


  3. Age 15. My closest friend got his license before I did. Packed me a 9-ringer and said.. "You'll like it."

    I am 23 now. No regrets.

  4. Started when i was 13, never looked back.
  5. freshman year of high school 14 or 15. smoked occasionally with my friends. by like 10th grade it was almost everyday. then junior and senior year it was 7 days a week and if we had baseball games/practice we smoked after.  i have never looked back
  6. I was 18 when I started researching it about a week later I started. A week later I got my younger cousin and a bunch of his friends into it. a few months later I got caught found out a lot of my extended family and my father did it. Needless to say I have been smoking with my family ever since.
  7. 17 in high school
  8. First semester of college (18). Didn't start smoking regularly until I was 30. That was five years ago.
  9. I was 14, I was already smoking cigarettes and I ran into this older guy I knew, asked him to bum a cig and he had this half joint in there. I was like oh is that some weed lol. He was like here you can have it. So took it with me to by bf's house and we both smoked for the first time. It was fuckin amazing. Smoked on and off since but not really very often until I was about 18.
  10. 1972 4 months after my 13th birthday
  11. 10 first joint
    12 on the reg
  12. My first time smoking was when I was 15. I became a daily toker at 17.
  13. I started when I was 16. First day of Summer smoked two small joints, didn't even really get high. So young then, I was such a noob. 
  14. 2008 when I was 14/15
  15. Smoked a joint in the cineworld toilets and went in to the movie, I then had to run to the toilet once again and be sick cos I greened out haha had to sit in the front row incase I had to go be sick again! Smoking some awful soap bar hash aswel
  16. I believe I was 16 years old. I asked my sister if she could get me some, and she brought a REALLY stinky joint. I smoked it to the dome and ended up lying on the floor in my toilet thinking "AM I IN AN OLD MOVIE????" because everything looked like it was moving in pictures or someshit... I dunno. I ended up ordering a pizza when I calmed down though. Haven't looked back since :yay:
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    12 years old, my friend got a gram for his birthday from another previous friend and like 4 of us, all beginners, smoked it behind a school out of a pop can.. :/      Needless to say I did get blazed.
    regularly with friends by 14
  18. 13 first, once in a blue moon untiil 16, then it was errrrry day 

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