When did you lose your innocence?

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  1. Does anyone still feel like they are innocent?
  2. If you explain further what you mean, I can answer
  3. My guess is he's trying to get the virgins to come forward
  4. I ain't no virgin-ass-ni99a.
  5. I lost it one day searching for aliens in my basement...long story short, I found them :O
  6. I never had a sense of innocence.
  7. You mean that innocent, trusting nature, like a puppy?

    I guess around 3 years old. I was mad that my dad wouldn't buy me candy at the store so I ran away around the block. When he found me he told me I could've been kidnapped and what not. I think most kids lose it quickly, parents have to warn them not to let weird guys with vans lure them in with promises of candy and puppies or whatever it is todays kids enjoy.
  8. I was born impure. For real
  9. When you grow up the world takes your innocence and sells it back to you
  10. It's not about losing virginity, it's about losing innocence. This could happen at any age, if you were 5 years old and you see your best friend die and as a result you end up thinking very differently than before I'd say you have lost your innocence. If you grow up on the streets and see people getting shot every day I'd say you've lost your innocence. I was just asking people to share the events that caused them to lose their innocence.
  11. as soon as i could walk, took my dads car out of gear and backed it down the drive way, than he came out and freaked lol i think i was 2
  12. I dont think innocence has anything to do with virginity. More like the age the world/society chewed you up and spat you out. The day you were shown what an evil place we live in

    i'd say age 11
  13. Probably when I was 9 and spent over a month in Ethiopia while the country was on the brink of war lol. >.>
  14. probably 13..it was the first time i got my heart broken by this girl..i was a little alcoholic after that. Good fucking times.
  15. the day I went to school on 9/11

    So first grade
  16. When I was 17 and went through my first heartbreak.

    After that I started toking up and 2 years later here we are!
  17. 1/1/11
    I'll never forget that date.
  18. 5 years old, birth mother tried to drown me, dream about that a lot of nights, one of my earliest memories..
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    I had a pretty good childhood up until age 11 or so although even from an early age my everyday babysitter was a sadistic bitch alot of the time, but from 11 up until my early twenties is just a compendium of fucked up memories I almost wish I could forget. Fear and loathing hah, although I guess it just made me stronger so fuck it.
  20. If u mean actually 'deflowered' it'd be 14... but my innocence was taken from me at a young age, molestation an what not. :-/

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