When did YOU last go here....

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jan 20, 2004.


When did YOU last go there?

  1. i still have another browser window open there.

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  2. I was there recently.

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  3. I havnt been there in ages.

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  4. ugh, i never go there... why did you make me click on that link?

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  5. didnt even go there from that link, so i dont know where "here" is.

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  1. Just there now.
  2. yesterday, I think
  3. I go by there every time I come to the city..

    Should I be there now??
  4. :(

    i feel bad, that was the first time ive ever been... in all my time here... ever.

    ill be sure to check it out though man!
  5. multiple times every day, i wouldn't be doing my job (in more than one respect) if i didn't :)
  6. I voted haven't been there in ages, but hell I haven't been here in ages so I guess that would make sense ay ;)
    And I dont mean the karati captain guy *lol*
  7. Pretty cool, good place to exchange info with aware people.

  8. Oh come on Nobody thought that was funny. You guys must not have very good pot ;)
  9. lol, it was decent and cheesey at the same time, but more importantly; can you work 'mr. miyagi' into a pun?


  10. heeeeeeeeyyyy girlie :D

    im onto you....i....
    .......i....think.... yeah! i am :)

  11. Hmmmmm... Mr. miyagi, huh........ This could take a while ;)

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