When did you first smoke the herb?

Discussion in 'General' started by Vashi123, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. How old were you when you first tried it?
  2. the ripe age of 12. then waited about 2-3 years before i tried it again.
  3. i tried it when i was like 13 wit my cousins but hated it and then two years later i was real stressed and my friend offered me a smoke to help
  4. i was 15 myself, freshman in high school, but didnt start smoking heavily till next yr.
  5. 13 and smoked nonstop since.
  6. i was 13 and one of my friends got a sack and he offered to smoke me out.
    didn't smoke again till about 2 years later and have been smoking ever since
  7. I was 15 I think, I was a freshman in High School and some guy was rollling joints in class and he gave me one. I didn't get high though.
  8. Prolly wasnt weed. :laughing:
  9. Haha, I was 11, turning 12. I smoked heavily ever since then.
  10. I was 15 with my older brother.
  11. I was 12 at a little concert with a bunch of local punk bands playing me and two friends stood in a ball feild and smoked some joints.

  12. lol, na it was weed, I saw it when he was rolling it. The joint that he gave me was only half a joint though, I think it was stress but I don't remember.
  13. the first time I smoked pot was when i was at my friends cabin. she made a little pipe out of tinfoil. i was 16. i didn't really remember it though cause i was drunk..
    but then the next year i pretty much smoked my whole junior year.... and from then on it up all the time :D
  14. bout 12 when a cousin came in from outa town. smoked for like threes days strait till he left. Id say i didnt really start again till i was like 15.

  15. way to do it man:smoking:. my friends smoked me out just before my 14th birthday as a present
  16. same here.
  17. I used to smoke ganja in NJ when I was on vacation as a youngin' 15 or 16. I smoked probably four or five times in one summer. I stopped when I came back home, I got real drunk at a party one night during senior year and toked with some friends from high school. That was two years ago and I haven't stopped puffin since.

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