when did blunts start?

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  1. Does anyone have a general idea of when blunts started being used as a way to smoke? They seem like a recent thing, but I saw a documentary on the history channel about hippies and i swear one guy was smoking a blunt. Could be wrong but I'm curious to know anyway, how far back do blunts go?
  2. back in the 1800s.
  3. Before the big bang.
  4. this.
  5. Yea I would say 19th century
  6. If I remember correctly, tobacco was first brought to Europe by Spanish explorers, who had noticed natives of some Caribbean islands smoking a type of crude cigar through their nostrils. Fast forward a few hundred years to the rise of hemp production in the colonies. At some point, someone realized that you could smoke the buds of Cannabis Sativa, and with cigars already popular among the colonists, it was probably only a matter of time before the first blunt was rolled.

    So I'd say mid-18th century, if not earlier.
  7. they started when i fucking said it could start.
  8. i think they started to use them back in the 1800s stopped for a while and then they became popular in the mid to late nineties

  9. no. just no.
  10. i can definitely visualize the ancient egyptians rolling fatties with papyrus....:smoke:
  11. Rolling weed in a cigar was probally used before the 1900's. But it started becoming a trend in the late 70's-now.
  12. as long as people have had cannabis and tobacco readily available i would imagine
  13. My mom (56 years old) used to smoke 'em in high school.
  14. The first blunt was rolled on August 23, 1815 by Robert F. Hammond of Boston, Mass.
  15. i think the first blunt was rolled by the same guy that invented weed... :D
  16. plus rep...:smoke:
  17. I would have expected his last name to be "Bluntston" or something :(

  18. I can't even find this dude. (confused)

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