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When did 9 to 5 become 9 to 6?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GreenLady36, Jun 3, 2009.

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    Did we vote on this shit?!!

    I mean really, it used to be 9 to 5. You young folks won't remember but I sure as hell do. If you don't believe me, there's even a movie from the 80's called "9 to 5". Yeah, you thought it was about 3 uptight broads, letting their hair down and getting revenge on their boss. No, what it was really about was letting us know that the end of the 9 to 5 work day was near. ;-)What does this have to do with weed? Well, as I was typing my last thread, I wrote about how I work a regular 9 to 6. I wrote it without even thinking. (Oh, by the way, sorry for the three post in a row, don't want to be a thread whore, I'm just high right now). Anyway, when did 9 to 5 become 9 to 6, or 7 to 4, or 8 to muthafucking 5?! They snuck an extra hour in on us! :eek: They didn't even ask us for our opinion. In 2003 I was working a 9 to 5 job, but that was my previous employer. Some of you guys still may only work 8 hour shifts, but I know a lot of you tokers work 9 or more. That's one less hour of toking my brotha.

    I just recently stopped getting high in the morning before I went to work. I was trying to put on a better face and be more "present" when I arrive in the morning. I also stopped because I was PARANOID--even though no one ever suspected a thing. You know how you can tell if you look high when you are high at work? If co-workers say, "Are you alright?" I've been smoking for years but for some reason when people find out I'm a pothead they are surprised. They are like "you, why I would have never..." Yeah, yeah, shut the fuck up, you're killing my high.

    Cutting it short, basically what I'm trying to say is someone's trying to cut in on my high time and I don't like it. I feel, that if I can quit smoking in the morning and be sober for work, I should get my goddamn hour back.
  2. 8 to 5 is 8 hours with an hour lunch, guess they figured they dont need to pay us on our lunch break.
  3. Most places make you work the extra hour to make up for lunch time unless you have paid lunches.
  4. I get up at 4am... to get to my job early enough for parking. Walk in at 6:00 to get there by 6:30.. start work, then I leave work at 5pm, after traffic I get home around 6pm. And thats six days a week. What is so wrong with 9 to 6?
  5. man i was workin 6-4:30 5 days a week then 6-12 on saturdays at $15.50 an hour. that shit made me sum major $$$$. got laid off tho, fuck this economy!!:mad:
  6. Preach on my brother! I havent gotten a day off in 2.5 weeks. I noticed in Europe there is much more planned time for relaxation. too. Their work days for the most part are shorter and have longer time spent on lunch. Maybe its our love and appreciation 24/7 Walmarts and demand for that Chanellos Pizza at 3 in the morning that makes us as a whole have longer and stranger work days...
  7. Yes! I once saw this interview of a few Americans who were working in France and they said first year professionals get 3 weeks vacation (govt mandated). Sick time is unlimited. Health care, covered.
  8. Must be nice working exact 8 hour days! I'm supposed to work 8-5 but it's usually closer to 8-8. And I'm salaried with no overtime pay.
  9. Where I work a 9hr shift gets two 15 (or one 30) minute breaks and an hour lunch.

    I guess it gives the illusion that you work longer than you do or something.

    That must suck unless you like what you do.

  10. Yeah, I get the same type of lunch/break time. However, at my previous employer and any other full time job that I had prior to that, was a solid 8 hours and they paid me for lunch, whether it was an hour or a half hour!
  11. I'm doing 6 am to 2 pm right now... it sucks

  12. you work at target? sorry irrelevant, but just made me think back to those terrible days...

  13. That is just a normal 8 hour shift, but you're still bitching? Must be nice to be in your position .......
  14. eh i can't really complain about the 9 to 5 woes as a lifegaurd but i will complain about how the system fucks us over.

    when you work outdoors as a lifegaurd you're recognized as a seasonal employee, regardless whether or not you work in the winter. therefore, you don't get overtime pay. so even though i'm working 50-60 hour weeks i'm not getting compensated for the extra time i put in.

    and i've never been to work high, well i've cleaned the pool high and gotten paid for it but for me work is when actual patrons are at the pool! proud of it too.
  15. That's what I crave every single day of my life. :mad:

    I fucking evny you.
  16. Most of the western world is like this.
  17. im 18.
    WITH OUT a freaking job.
    I cant even get hired at Wendys.
    What is that bull.
  18. I used to have to work 8-5. with an hour lunch, unpaid, and on fridays they had what they called business lunches. Basically it was there way of keeping us working for that one hour that we were supposed to get to ourselves. It was a meeting and they provided pizzas, wow free pizza, give me a fucking break, greedy corporate assholes.
  19. I've been smoking for years but for some reason when people find out I'm a pothead they are surprised. They are like "you, why I would have never..." Yeah, yeah, shut the fuck up, you're killing my high.

    Lmao, that last line killed me. My shifts usually consist of being 6. which i just dread even though i dont have a full time job. its just that i do the same thing for so long theres no challenge to it.
  20. I always heard about this 9 to 5 but have never seen it in action. I'm usually here at work between 5:30 and 6:00, and then I leave whenever the fuck I think I'm caught up for the day (usually after nine hours at least, can go as long as twelve though). They also cut everyones pay by 5% two days before Christmas, and took away everyones vacation time and are making us earn it paycheck to paycheck. I had two weeks of vacation every year because I've worked here so long, just to have it all taken away. I'm probably up to thirty hours now, damn it.

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