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When can you tell your dry weed is finished?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Rusty 123, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. I just bought a vaporizer and I'm not really sure when to change our the day weed.
    I read that I can get like 30 hits out of one packed vaporizer, but after about 10 to 15 hits the flavor tastes very bad.
  2. The color of it will be different. It will be brown when it’s done.
  3. Should the weed be a little charred or is it out of thc right when it turns brown.
  4. If it’s light brown, you might be able to get a little more off of it, but if it’s dark, it’s done. I’ll have to take a picture of the two side-by-side next time I vape.
  5. I use while mobile the Airizer solo 2. Claims and what you actually get out of the vape are two different things.

    When the bud looks like a caramel color it's done, you keep smoking that it's going to taste like crap. This bi-product can be and many do re-use it in cooking.

    Basically if it still has life, it's green, if all the life has been drawn from it, it's brown like mentioned above / caramel color without green in it. It smells like bi-product and nothing you would go out of your way for.
  6. How do you like that Solo 2?

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  7. Make sure to save your vaped material for edibles
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  8. The Airizer solo 2 is favored for me over the Argo, divinci and the pax all of which I have.

    Argo and the Pax are great if you need to be discrete though. My only quarrel with the Air solo 2 is something simple a glass blower could fix. I can never get enough product into 1 tube... lol.
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  9. When my "shit be cashed".........means no more smoke..........that MATTERS anyway.......
  10. I probably get way more then 30 hits off my pax 3 when I pack it. I start around 355-360 and top out temp. I smoke until I quit getting hits. Usually a dark brown color when I’m done
  11. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats "high" as pun intended
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  12. 4572BE2F-6E77-4AEA-B8D8-C6841565B960.png
    355 is on the lower end of what most ppl do. I’ll have to check and see how low my DaVinci iq and pax 3 go. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried lower settings, anything lower the 350-355 is blah
  13. The settings I enjoy is 360 for day time and 390 for night time
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    I usually take 1 or 2 giant, monster hits and then use the leftovers for edibles. I find the flavor and potency drop off rapidly after the second hit.

    "Smoking it until it's charred" is combustion, not vaporization. It's fine for your spent material to still be somewhat green. Most of the THC is in tiny trichomes covering the surface.
  15. The Color of it changes slightly.
  16. Here’s a picture of fresh weed and stuff that’s been used in a vaporizer for comparison.
    View attachment 2683939
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  17. Salutations Rusty 123,

    Ovenization is cumulative and even promotes secondary reactions, which is a common feature share by practically all "popular" products trying to emulate the glorified (and ridiculously expensive) Volcano...

    There are trade-off variations to be agreed on, the irresistible drive to win on all sides may conclude with mutiple failures, especially when dealing with this challenge as with a black box.

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  18. Color of it changes.

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