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When can you smoke?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by GTCharged, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. PLEASE, ANSWER THIS! When can you smoke MM? After your doctor recommends it, or do you have to wait until you get your card? I live in Michigan, and not one damn site on the f'ing web says when EXACTLY you can smoke.
  2. whenever you feel like it....

    not having a medical card isn't stopping me from toking up :smoke:
  3. to smoke legally you prob need your card. you cant be smoking a j down the street infront of cops, and when they confront you be like "my doc recommended it".... you need to show them proof (ie the card). sooooo just smooke in private til u get it
  4. Dupe threads suck

    People who are way too impatient and lazy to search out the proper info...well, they kinda suck too.
  5. I thought Michigan was releasing more information on their MMJ plan in April? And what's your condition? I'm planning on trying to get a MMJ card for my scoliosis; I have records of it and stuff. I also live in Michigan. How did you go about obtaining your card? Was it easy?
  6. im waiting for iowa to get it, i have chondromalacia in my knee real bad and get routine cortisone shots for it. Im almost positive id get a card for it, ive had mri's xrays, doctors notes on it for about 4 years.
  7. Bender, you may be evil :devious: , but you are sure being smart! :D Those records will be your ticket to a recommendation! I hope everyone follows your lead!

    In the meantime, why not spend a whole 42 cents a week and send your doctor a study every week from my list (with the URL)! The link is below. (Great thing about the mail- no return address is needed. ;) ) Doctors ARE going to be part of the process for MMJ. They will help decide how much you can grow and use! Educate your doctors now! Before your state has a MMJ bill! :hello:

    Granny :wave:

  8. the VA disibility for it might help me out to. im not about to up and move out of Iowa to somewhere that has it, but I hope were close.
  9. Same here that would really be great but Iowa has strict laws as it is. I have chronic pain in my shoulder so I hope it comes soon too!
  10. Um doesn't the doctor give you a card right there?

    I went in, talked to guy at front, talked to Dr, talked to guy in front for card. Whole process took 30 minutes, and I was in the dispensary within 15 minutes buy medicine.
  11. We won't have dispensaries in MI

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