when can i transplant in fox farm

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  1. whats good gc.. i have 4 plants about 2 days old.. they sprouted on 5-13.. i was wondering when will it be safe to transplant in fox farm ocean forest.. i heard that FFOF is a little hot for seedling..right now there in 16oz party cups
  2. What kind of dirt are they in now?

    I put my seedlings right into the Ocean Forest and have never had a problem. My last 2 I just put the seeds right into the soil and let them germ that way. 4 days later I had plants.I have never had an issue with it. Just give them clean water for the first 3 weeks of being in the soil. It has enough nutes in it to last them that long.

    Since you have them in soil already, I would give them a little while to strengthen up before a transplant.

  3. right now im using some cheap dollar store seed starting soil and it worked good.. only reason i went with that is because ppl said that FFOF would be a lil hot for seedlings. the soil i have now doesn't have any nutes or ferts
  4. Just take the entire contents of the solo cup and transplant that into your bigger pots with the Ocean Forest. That way you don't shock the plant by messing with it's roots. The nutes from the OF will leach into the old soil and provide the plants with some nutes.

  5. i will def do that thanks alot
  6. i started in fox farm without a problem
  7. Wait until you have a couple sets of true leaves before transplanting. Your roots will be developed enough by then to take the transplant in stride.

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