When can I top this?

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  1. hey guys. Pics are a sickly looking nebula haze (free seed) in cheap, experimental mother/clone cab.

    Just using it to get seed started before putting in main.

    Would it be too early to top this sapling?

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  2. Hi Silen-joli, yeah way to early to be topping that as it stilll looks like it is establishing itself after the cloning. I would wait until it looks healthy again and top when it has 5 - 6 nodes.
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  3. Ok thank you! Im just doing Lucas in pure perlite. hopefully this little one can come back
  4. Yeah, mine look absolutely shite for about a week and half then suddenly perk up and all is well once the roots establish themselves. Fingers crossed and let us know how it goes.
  5. That's not a clone it's got cotyledons from the seed

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  6. Pends on how short an bushy you want it. I find with topping the two top nodes will get bigger then what's below them.

    Topping: I'd give the plant about 4-5 nodes before topping, but it all pends on the condition of the plant
  7. I would concentrate on getting her healthy (discoloration, drooping and major stretching) before I even thought of topping if I were you..That stem needs support right away..If it were not for the Perlite on top, I would recommend moving some soil up around the stem. I presume that is not all perlite, since 100% Perlite, will not support a plant without something like a bamboo pole.
  8. Hey guys thank for the helpful info.
    It is 100% perlite - hempy bucket style.

    This is her now:

    Got some algae grow on top so I'm thinking of adding a cover at the base.

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