when can i start using merical grow?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by growinpot, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. How big should my plant be before i start using miracle grow liquafeed mixed in with its water?
  2. did the soil have nutes in it.
  3. Nop I did it 100% natural it's been out doors seince it was a seed I live in Florida sunny all day
  4. you should NEVER under any circumstances use miricle grow on ganja.
  5. you said it

    try fox farms, or anything that is ALL NATURAL and ORGANIC.
  6. ^^^ wwhat he said. i use blood meal, bone meal and fish emulsion.
  7. start using it now water twice a week once plain water once with miracle grow. when they start to flower you need to change to a bud and bloom fertilizer
  8. yea and attract ever opossom/ratcoon/rat/cats/dogs and everythign else to your plants....

    watch the merical grow it will burn your plants easy... i'd say wait till there atleast 3 weeks old and start with giving them 1/4 the recommended ammount...
    MG has never done me wronge yet!

  9. I agree I have a huge problem with ratcoons geting in my gardens. I repeat do not use fish emulsion and blood/bone meal

  10. you gotta mix the blood and bone in with the dirt and let it sit and decompose for a few weeks before you plant so it will all break down and enrich the soil and there wil be nothing left for the animals to smell. with bone meal a little goes a long way. a small amount can feed the soil for a few seasons.
    fish emulsion holds no attraction to animals. sine when are animals attracted to fish shit?
    i use these things every year with great success, just look at my avatar, and i grow in woods that are infested with animals.

  11. Can't stand them gosh darn Ratcoons lol.

  12. Yes I never amagined that ratcoons would be my problem I thought I would have a HUGE problem with deer, let i have not seen any tracks around the grow, only ratcoon prints:eek:

  13. Yeah..I got fucking Coonrats over here.


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