When can I start to add nutes?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by YoungDro, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Whatup guys,

    I currently have a decent cfl soil setup. I'm using FFOF soil, and have a general question about nutrient feeding. I understand that this particular soil will not necessarily need added nutes for approximately 3-4 weeks.

    However, would it be safe to start adding VERY dilute nutrients in week 2 or so, say 1/8 strength? Strictly in order to build the plants tolerance to the nutes earlier. So that I could SAFELY be at full strength sooner in the cycle, resulting in fatter buds.

    Good idea? Or should I just wait until the plants start to show that they want nutes?
    This isn't a matter of impatience, I just feel it's a valid question.
    BTW, I'm using the fox farm tri-pack nutrients

    Any advice would be more than greatly appreciated
  2. hi dude, you could prob get away wit hwhat you suggested fine, but id personally just wait untill the plant "shows" you what its needs, im a big fan of that approach lol, if you do start on the nutes how you mentioned id go with what you said & satrt em very diluted, anyway dude you will have great fat bugs from FF soils by just keeping the plant happy & healthy

    good luck
  3. im also using the trio. ive never used full strength without burning plants. quarter, working up to half strength has worked best for me.
    let that ocean forest dry out well between waterings/feedings. ur plants will love it.
  4. I'm also a fan of the "wait till the plant tells you" method. I usually hold off on giving nutes until the first sign of a deficiency, then I start the nutes at 1/4 strength.

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