When can I start nutes?

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  1. Whatup guys,

    I currently have a decent cfl soil setup. I'm using FFOF soil, and have a general question about nutrient feeding. I understand that this particular soil will not necessarily need added nutes for approximately 3-4 weeks.

    However, would it be safe to start adding VERY dilute nutrients in week 2 or so, say 1/8 strength? Strictly in order to build the plants tolerance to the nutes earlier. So that I could SAFELY be at full strength sooner in the cycle, resulting in fatter buds.

    Good idea? Or should I just wait until the plants start to show that they want nutes?
    This isn't a matter of impatience, I just feel it's a valid question.
    BTW, I'm using the fox farm tri-pack nutrients

    Any advice would be more than greatly appreciated
  2. Considering you'll only be using 1/8th the strength i think it'll be fine. Depending on how well rooted your plants are. There not still sprouts are they?
  3. The sprout broke soil 9 days ago, it's in early veg right now. I planned on beginning the low strength nutes maybe about a week from now. They will definitely be well rooted by then. That should be safe right?
  4. Honestly this very same thinking is what caused every problem in my early grows. Ocean Forest soil after many grows I can now say does not need anything for 4-5 weeks.
    Al you will do is cause PH problems, Nute lock out and all of that.
    Honestly I now do absolutely nothing until my bottom sets of fan leaves show me to.
    Once I start to see that yellowing and slight wilting I hit them with the recommended dosage.

    If they are lush and green growing happily then leave it be. I know the quest for perfect fat buds eats at the back of your head but honestly I am running the same soil and nutes leave them be.

    This current grow is my very best so far and is with insanely dank Bagseed no less which I know nothing about.
    I am on day 30 and the are all snow covered and starting to put on weight and I have simple left them alone.
    I fed them nutes every other watering and am trying to tie my switch between nutes correctly and its been king!
    Day 30 and I am on 1/4 strength open seseme and 1/4 strength Beastie blooms.
    Next week full strength beastie bloomz!
  5. Thanks a lot bro

  6. No problem, if I can help people avoid my mistakes I most certainly should.
    Less is more in the beginning, once they start to bud up you can see just how hungry she is and pound the food to her.
  7. uhhmm..? With my past experience with FFOF I have never had these PH problems you speak of. Even starting a low strength nutes 1 week into my grow my clones had no problem.

    Enlighten me?

  8. Slightly combative but yes he's rite I blurred together my post from just prior to that one.
    Only if you are not PH adjusting before dosing will you run in to Ph issues. But Over fertilization is very much possible and I am surprised you have had no issues with clones to be honest. My clones that I have even transplanted into OF to early have ended up with mutated leaves until like the 4th or 5th node on several occasion's not to say its not possible. As I have also sprouted straight into Ocean forest with no issues.
    But all that aside why would you both supplementing your soil if it is straight out of the bag and already loaded with EWC and Bat guano and the list goes on.
    Whatever works for you but I just view it as wasteful to feed before the soil has had time to be depleted.
  9. I fully understand that the soil would not necessarily need nutes at this early stage of veg. I am just asking if VERY diluted nutes introduced relatively early as possible, would eventually have me at full strength nutes sooner. Theoretically resulting in bigger buds. Clearly overferting would be very easy to do with this approach. Is it worth the gamble as long as I'm careful with it?
  10. just a little trick i learned that works really great. Ok humbolt nutes Bushmaster says to use when you start bloom, well i do but I also give my kids a dose at about a foot tall and bam omg it they get stupid busy then when i hit em again in bloom they go nutts with new growth. Thats my not so secret bushy trick.

  11. at a foot tall they at least would have had a chance to chow down on the available nutes in the premixed soil.
    All I can suggest it to give it a run document the crap out of everything and see how it works for you.
    My personal experience with fox farm product on fox farm soil is that its overkill plain and simple almost a waste of fertilizer if you ask me but again that IMO.
    Your strains may chow it down and explode, Shit run a side by side if you want fert one and only water the other to see which or either is superior at the end.
  12. Wow great stuff. I'm starting to realize that this is a very subjective topic. I have read a lot of conflicting arguments about this issue. I only wish I had more indoor growing experience, because that's obviously the key. Anyone else have any input on very weak feedings for young veggin plants?

    Also, let me reiterate that I wouldn't do this to necessarily supplement their nute intake this early, because the FFOF soil still has more than enough. It would only be done to get the plant slowly acclimated to the nutes, resulting in safely being on full strength sooner. Because from what I also understand, plants can take a whole lotta nutes without burn or other detrimental effects, as long as they're introduced very slowly.

    In short, I know that it is definitely "overkill," but as long as I don't burn, I think it's a gamble worth taking.

    Please only serious advice from people who have tried this approach before. Because another thing I've realized, is that most of the people advocating this approach have actually done it. And the people condemning the idea, I think are basing it more on their own common sense instead of experience.

  13. That was always my problem I ended up with nute burn but if your concentration is dialed in they might just blow up for ya. I will be interested to hear how you make out.
  14. I'd be happy to post an update, it'll be about a week from now.

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