When can I sex the plant after going to 12/12?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mardanlin, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. How many days (or weeks) into the flowering process can I expect to see the white hairs of a female or the seedlings of a male? Mine are almost a week into the 12/12 light cycle.

    Also, how can I tell when my buds are at their peak size and when its best to harvest them?
  2. well, for the sex organs, they can start from 3-5 weeks, and before you actually start the 12/12 light cycle. start looking everyday if you have already started flowering them. do you know where to look? and what to look for? they will be super small at first, obv. but also, wait a bit so that you are positive. they look very similar in early. early stages.

    also, idk when exactly to harvest... but look up stuff like trichromes. apparently they will change from white, to orange or something.
  3. Yes, I am sure of what I'm looking for. White hairs for females and seed pods for males, like I said in the original post.

    Anyone else shed any light for me? Thanks.
  4. dude theres so many threads on sexing here
  5. I searched "sexing" "sex" "male vs female" and other criteria but found nothing notable. What should I search to bring up all these topics?
  6. It depends... How's that for an answer. Every plant, every strain is different. Look for preflowers aroung the 5 or 6th node. Look close...you can tell a definite female but what looks like a male isn't always...

    Oh...and males don't have "seed pods"...thay have "balls".

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