When can I post my own thread

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  1. When can I post my own thread

    I have lots of questions and need some expert help but I cant post my own thread
  2. What did you just do?
  3. here it is... what are your questions buddy?
  4. I can post in technical support forum bt theres no new thread link in any other forum
  5. I am starting off my first attempt at a complete grow ever. I lucked into an outdoor beast couple years ago but frost took. Now I have order an assortment of Blue Widow, Cali Hash, White Widow Auto, Haze 2.0 Auto. I am very eager to see what the Cali Hash plant can do pics look great. I am soaking up as much info as I can in the delivery interim to be as prepared as I can, I do understand that with experience I can develope right niche however id like to start off with a BANG. Im in a 7x3x8'. Guess my first question would be what would be optimal light for that space I understand 1000 to hot. So Im lookin at 600w. Can I use 600w from seedlings on or is that also to hot fot that phase do I need to start with flos? Would I received the best yield from goin MH veg and HPS flower or will HPS do the trick or MH for that matter? Like I said Im soakin info so give it to me. My thoughts on medium were synthetic rockwool, transition to buckets n pellet rocks. Although Squid your soil looks great and Ive heard thats the true best quality. Ive trying to decide ive I want a system or just manual feed. If I do get one itll prolly be small i.e. I understand with hydro systems heat is an issue. and that space has not YET been designed for ventillation, ive been told i might not need it. Any squid congrats on your baby Im sure shes given back to you by now. I will post picturer journal to this thread of my Cali Hash grow hopefully I can pick somethin up from you Squid and the rest of this kick ass community

    Much Love

    ****This is all for Horticulture Research***** Go OCC
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