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when can i FIM

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by thrack, May 30, 2003.

  1. just want to thank you all in advance!
    when can i fim? is it something you do in the veg stage?
    lets say plants are 6" to 8" inches tall can they be fimed?

    on a totally unrelated topic...i have forsaken top ramen and will never eat it again
  2. sounds o.k. to me.....just bear in mind it causes stress to the plant and it will take time to recover, however if done properly, you could get approx 6 new growth more out.........Sid
  3. so my friend has a question...he was wondering how long can you keep the veg going...he wants bushy kids so he will top and fim...and thanks to sid he know this will stunt their growth so the question is with fimng and toping when will he veg if he will veg at 15" to 20"
    he's just trying to plan his summer vacation :)

    by the way been a reader for a while yall are some f'ing funny kids (funny ha ha not funny retarded ya know)

    oh and the ramen thing is has potential to be this great meal if you take the extra time to add some vegies a boiled egg some meat if thats your thing but NO ONE EVER DOES and why would they...15-2o minutes to prepare a decent meal with a bit of work... or wait 3 min for some pretty damn good noodles! it's a friggin ploy by "the man" man....we go to the store and see the pack and say "no this times gunna be different...this time im going to make a savory healthy meal out of this ramen, like the picture shows" but you know and i know what really happends don't we... :)
  4. man how much have u been smoking today or yesterday?? u seem kinda out of the loop on things babbling on in different threads about Ramen noodles LoL o well good luck to ya
  5. How soon can i FIM my top ramen?

    hahaha! yer nutty yo!

    As far as FIM goes, i did mine at about 6", it just started lookin' like a "real" plant and i chopped that mofo right off halfway. I guess i did it right because i got initially 6 new tips within 2 weeks, and when the new ones were gettin a bit tall i tied 'em down so the branches came straight out sideways (horizontal) and i started getting new growtips on the inside. I now have a plant that's 10" tall, has 12 tips, maybe more, but 12 definite major tips, and looks like a lil tree.

    Check the grow journals for "200 watts of flouros and a bag seed" and you'll see my lil girl.

  6. how did you tie them down?...
    how long?


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