When can I expect sex?

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  1. I was high a month ago and told my wife to go fuck herself. It's been 30 days and apparently she is following my advice! Nothing....

    Seriously...I have three harvests under my belt but they were all feminized seeds. This grow I popped 4 mystery seeds and I can realistically only grow 2 or MAYBE 3 in my limited fridge space.

    I flipped to 12/12 28 days after they hit the soil and they are exploding in size. It's now been 7 days since flipping and I really need to get 1 or 2 out of there soon. Sadly, I hope the big one on the right is one of those to go :(

    When can I expect to determine sex?



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  2. from my experience, its about 1-2 weeks after switching to 12/12 that my plants have shown sex, btw, nice looking plants, appear to be heavier indica-dominant strains
  3. you can expect em to show sex within the next week or so. as you mentioned that you have previous harvests one thing i suggest is you find something to go scrog to help manage the stretch, as you still have about 3 weeks of solid stretch left to go.
  4. You can expect sex after 5-6 dates... depends on the female... key is to not be too pushy but be subtly suggestive towards it.... Also a week or two.
  5. Thanks, I have a scrog ready to slide into whatever fridge slot I need to but I can't do it until I sex and sort. Hence my question. I used a scrog on all my other grows. I was hoping to not use it here but these are obviously sativa dominant. Crazy growth rate!

    My first three grows were known feminized indica strains. Let this be a warning to all of those growing in a confined space, mystery seeds suck!

    At the rate they are growing I HOPE I have two males out of the four, otherwise I am probably going to have to kill some very healthy females and that breaks my heart.
  6. If I were you I'd go for less, but bigger plants, in the scrog, instead of getting rid of the biggest and having more, smaller ones. A bigger single plant has more potential to yield more than more smaller plants (all other factors being equal, of course).

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