When can I cut shoots for clones?

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  1. I have started 10 plants from seeds. All fems. How big do i need to get the plants to cut them up into clones? I would like to get 50 clones, give or take.

    Thanks for any input.
  2. all females? was it bagseed?
  3. well clones should have 3+ nodes for best chances is wat iv read
  4. I have read this too but don't believe it as I have successfully done the contrary.

    Solid piece of advice clone all of them let them go for a bit and only clone the best again. I have and currently do, clone one of every plant and through them into the flower box (all labeled of course) then as the different phenotypes start showing, I pick and choose the best and clone the clone. This ensures nice uniformed plants with the traits you desire. Takes longer but is well worth it.
  5. so uv takin small clones with good success rate?
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    yes Sir. here are my latest round. I took these with zero nodes just them being shoots they have since grown more internodes, as you can see this particular batch is @75% success rate the 25% that did not make it was 100% my fault (lack of patience pulled it out of the soil to check for roots, I loose at least one per batch due to this)



    my thought on this is less energy is wasted on trying to grow and sustain new growth and focuses more energy on producing roots. This is all the lamen version of this but the actual information can be found in this Majors biology book starting on page 826. There is alot more to it than what I have described, but I am way to high to really get into it with you.

    Good luck fellas.
  7. how big r cuttings like 2 inch?
  8. I know Im a bit late in the discussion and I have yet to try cloning, but I found this great video about cloning. I was looking for defoliating tips and I happened to stumble on this pot of gold of information. How To Clone & Defoliate Marijuana - YouTube (it also explains why it is so many clones dont make it, pay close attention around 11:33 mark) Hope this helps.
  9. I have cloned Before with good success, but I was wonder if I need to take Clones after a certain amount of time? Or can I start cutting when I have ten or so 3 node branches. However long that takes. I figure about 8 weeks of good indoor time under 24 hrs light with 160w of CFL. Chime in with any thoughts!!!
  10. seeds are mazar fems

  11. When I cut them they were like an inch or so. Might be pushing the two inch mark now. They are approx three and a half weeks from being cut. And shOuld have been planted this week. These were also pretty "abused" meaning no dome, just rooting compand and placed in the bottom of the veg room. IMO if the shoot had two leaves off it it will clone.
  12. I'd wait until the branches are more like 3-5 inches long. It won't take more than a couple days for the branches to go from tiny to several inches once they start growing.
  13. Thanks to all for the great ideas and tips!!! I do appreciate it!
  14. Has anybody tried to clone a plant that's already on 12/12..? They've been under 12 hours for 4 days? I'd appreciate the advice.. I would've posted my own thread but don't know how.. Haha thanks

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