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when blazing takes over.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Doobius, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. hey guys.

    I'll tell you, I love the ganja. I've been blazing for about 6 years regularly. I like to get high with my boys and play video games, or just chill and blaze while listening to tunes.

    I'd like to call myself a responsible smoker, as many of you are. I'd say I blaze about 2 or 3 times in a given week. I graduated from college at the beginning of the year and now work full time, play softball, go out on the weekends, basically a normal life alng with smoking.

    However, one of my very good friends in our group didn't do so well. I've been smoking since the middle of high school, however this guy was basically straightedge before coming to college. He started drinking like all college kids do, and eventually picked up smoking with us.

    Nowadays it seems like all he does. One of our friends deals so he has constant access to weed. Also his roommates are pretty big heads, so he smokes both at home and with friends a few times any given day.

    He has more time recently since he lost his job a few weeks ago. I fear for him because he's had problems with depression in the past and it seems like all he does nowadays is smoke. He declines when we go out, and usually his spare time is consumed with smoking.

    The problem is I dunno if I should be concerned. I have confronted him and friends about it and am told I shouldn't worry so much. But it's gotten to the point that I don't enjoy blazing with him because I feel I am encouraging his lifestyle.

    Should I even be concerned about this? I mean he's told me not to worry about it himself and that all is fine, but I am concerned since he's done nothing to find a new job, and he is already sick - he was diagnosed with diabetes about a year ago. Is it my place to intervene or should I let him live?
  2. If it's buggin you that much just don't smoke with em or contribute to em gettin high. But really you can't do anything. Maybe an all out intervention, which I can't see happenin.. but unless you can talk his dealer into just not sellin to him, don't worry about it.
  3. send him to rehab.. those are the kind of stoners that need it, if you need it thats bad.. but if its just fun, go for it
  4. I'd love to tell you that you could intervene in your friends behalf but unless he admits he has a problem, all the concern you have for him isn't really going to amount to anything. I've never had a problem with marijuana but my addiction has and always be with pills of various sorts. My friends and family stuck me in rehab and when I got out the first time, I think I stayed clean for a week before I went back to my old ways. Until I looked in the mirror and realized I had a problem, I resented everyone in my life that tried to help me. So I distanced myself from them and surrounded myself with addicts as bad off as I was.

    When you let a drug take over your life, you are trying to fill a void in your life.....even if you can't admit it at the time. All you can do is tell your friend your concerns and tell him or her that you will be there no matter what. Love and support does more than anyone could realize. Just having someone to listen to you sometimes does more than anything else. Good luck though.........I know in retrospect how much I hurt the ones in my life when I was strung out but it will get better. It just takes time.
  5. i say u guys are stressin over nothing. it sounds like he's just following a dream lifestyle choice for a while. and if he does it hiw whole life...? who cares? is it really up to you to interfere with the choices he makes in his life like that?

    sorry if i seem a little vexxed at this, but i've done my share of being a heavy toker 24/7 and it caused me no great harm, i carried on with life, even came top of my class (best ever on that course) and suffered nothing worse than an empty bank account.

    lemme rephrase what i'm trying to say, with a quote....

    Dont worry, be happy.

    and in case you missed it....

    Dont worry , be happy. ;)
  6. i think hes fine, smoking all the time is a hell of a lot better than drinking all the time. One of the main reasons i don't want to go to college is people drinking, it makes me sick. Let him be, if anything just tell him he needs to find a job.
  7. As James Hetfield said... Your life style determines your death style. Dosn't that sound retarded?
  8. good shit guys, thanks. ill probably just let it be. we're stil young, f it.
  9. Now i am damn jealous. old school james is my idol. except he was an alky instead of a pot head.

  10. Hmm well I've seen metallica twice, pretty damn close to the stage so I guess I've hung out with him kinda. This summer too.

  11. dude you say you know everyone so why dont you know me, huh huh I loved you!!!!!!
  12. i know i blazed anywhere from 2-6+ times a day during a period of my life and i just kinda got over it and now smoke just a couple times a week. give him some time

  13. take a guess... Atleast I smoked a fat joint though...with james' cousin's friends friends roommate's uncle. Also saw em there in 2000.
  14. Myself and my tokin partner bob, have now been smoking evryday for i cant rememnber 4- 6 months, now for the first 3 months i didnt have a job, wasnt my fault, no one would employ me, everywhere told me that no one was taking ne1 on untill september and that was only for shifts over chirstmas, luckilly however, i got a job laying floors with a friend of my mams, 25 quid a day, 5 days a week, for a few hours work handing out tiles sat in the middle of a room aint hard work, not for that money.

    From that n money bobs been making, we been smoking up maybes bout an ounce n a half of rock a week with the help of a few friends, now this has done non of us any harm, my boss knew i did it n was fine, but obviously i didnt smoke at work, but ive just started my first week off in a long time, n there aint nothing wrong with merging a few days together, with a group of friends n sum gud music.

    However i do know what you mean by knowing people who need it, now we smoke so much coz we can, n its just the way it is for me, but wen the weed runs out, i aint on my knees dying for a hit, i can easy wait weeks on end if the areas a little dry, ya kno sumtimes it s a bit devestating wen u do fancy a hit but its not the worst thing in the end, but i do know some people who do need help, some people just walking the streets in the rain to the worst areas in town for a 5 pound bit, i dont see the point in buying nefing less than a quarter, but thats just the way it is round here, for a 5er or a 10er u may aswell give the dealer ur money n walk off coz the small deals r always shit.

    The fact you think about your friend shows youve got the rite intentions, but ive had people try n tell me i had a problem, n i never, they were telling me id become addicted to heroin off cannabis n shit, people telling people them things makes them things happen, weed isnt everyones thing, but its mine n assume its yours to, and no one can tell you wen you shud have it n wen u shudnt, but as was sed, if its for fun go for it, if you need it, somethings gone wrong somewhere.
  15. I smoke several times aday, have for years. I'd say there is nothing to worry about.
  16. I would advice as follow:

    If hes is not aware that smoking is all he does, than there is a problem. if there is a problem the first step into resovling it is to make him aware.
    basicly from there onwards, it's out of your hands.

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