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when baking does quality of weed matter?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by PotBlazinSwimmr, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Im gonna make some firecrackers, and ive heard that when baking that you an us reggies and still get as high as you would with dank bud, is this true?
  2. Yeah, baking is generally Quantity > Quality.
  3. thanks! plus would 3.75 of reggies, baked into fire crackers get two be blazed?
  4. 7gs reggies in 7 brownies got me a tiny buzz after eating 3. id go with mids and 1g+ per person.
  5. It's not just the quality of your herb, but more importantly, the quality of your processing that determines how effective your edible will be.

    With firecrackers, you're at the mercy of the limitations of the method.. it's considered to be a 'worst case scenario' edible, meaning you didn't have the time, privacy or resources to make a proper batch of edible oil.

    This means you will need to use MUCH more canna to achieve the desired effect, same goes for those quick pale-green butters.. if you skimp out on the processing method, you're going to require more canna, to achieve the same effect you could get from just a few drops of highly activated and bioavailable, medical grade canna oil.

    So yes, mids can potentially get you as blasted as dank, but you'll need to use the same increase in ratio, in your edible, as you would when smoking. Meaning, you'd need to smoke more of the mids to get anywhere close to a 'dank high', and you'll need to eat more as well.

    This is easier to accomplish in edibles than smoking, which is why they are recommended for use with mids, which would otherwise only provide you with minimal effectiveness. You can pack what it would normally take you a few hours to smoke, into one edible, and depending on the contents of your stomach, you'll feel a much more intense effect this way.

    However, back to the firecrackers.. if you're trying to get the most bang out of your buck (you're trying to achieve a dank-high), without over-consuming your herb, you may want to consider making a proper batch of oil.
    An oil dose is roughly 0.35g, and will send most patients to the moon (some people need only half of a good quality dispensary edible containing 0.35g, if it was made properly.. and some dispensaries still fall short of the correct process, as well).

    However effective your edible will be, is all up to your body, the quality of your herb, and more importantly, your processing methods.

    If you go with firecrackers, expect to need anywhere from .75 - 1.5g per edible for a strong effect, if you go with a pale green butter, or oil, expect to need around .5g - 1g.
    And if you make a proper canna oil, taking the time to decarb, and to promote bioavailability by breaking down that glandular material very well in a good oil source gently over the course of several hours, then only 0.35g should give you the -same effect- you'd get from a 1 - 1.5g firecracker.

    If you need help, there are several photo tutorials for highly activated bioavailable canna oil, in the link below. The resulting oil can be used in everything from baked/confectionery-type recipes, to main courses, to capsules/pills:


    You'll know your oil is complete when it reaches a glossy dark brown, almost-black color.


  6. Use shwag man, never dank, it's just a waste.

    Me and a friend threw in probably 5 - 6 grams total and made like 8 firecrackers.

    I had three, he had three, and his bro had two.

    That was the highest I've ever been so yeah, shwag firecrackers are the way to go.

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