When bad things happen to good plants.

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    I'm new here. Longtime self-medicator.
    Thought I'd show you some pics of outdoor grows gone bad.
    WARNING! Pictures are heartbreaking.
    1st two pics: I thought it was deer, turns out to be a rat. Muther fucker.
    Next year I will use cat hair like mulch.
    Probably ate me out of over a pound in the last three weeks.
    3rd pic: Spider mite devastation from last year. Lost about 1/2 pound.
    But they didn't get it all!
    4th and 5th pic: Hope still blooms for this year! (at a slightly different location)
    Pics don't seem to be loading. I'll hit submit and hope for the best.
    Thanks everybody!
  2. were are the pictures??
  3. pictures dont work...

  4. fail.

  5. :(

    What he said. ^

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