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  1. For example, if i ask a guy at lowes to help me find grow lights or ballasts or whatever, of course often times they will ask, casually, "What are you growing?" What should i reply with so they will help me with the right things? I don't wanna say something like "potatoes" and they start disagreeing with me, offering advice for something else instead that would be good for potatoes, but not for MJ, which is what i am really growing lol. I'm a sociable guy, not one to blow off people or be rude, so thats why i'm asking.
  2. Tomatoes or Hops. Never heard of hops being grown indoors, but who knows.
  3. tomatoes! thats what i've heard before. thanks so much buddy. I'm excited :)
  4. yep, tomatoes
  5. Just tell them marijuana, they can't do shit.
  6. This is an example on how to get your house raided.
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    There is no need to tell him you are growing anything if you do the proper research ahead of time. By going into Lowes or Home Depot knowing exactly what type of lights you need, you can just ask the dude working there, "Where do I find ____?" Not to mention the workers there will know NOTHING about proper MJ grow lights so he/she will undoubtedly tell you the wrong information.

    It is more reasonable to ask for advice at a hydro shop so long as you NEVER mention the words cannabis, bud, marijuana, etc. You and the owner will know exactly what you're talking about, but as long as the conversation is kept "G-rated" they are generally OK with you asking all the MJ-specific questions you need, and it'll certainly be more worthwhile advice than what some Joe knows at Home Depot/Lowes.
  8. They certainly can by refusing service, kicking you out of the store, calling the police and reporting your car tags to the cops as you drive away.

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