When are you starting seeds for outdoor?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mudfingers, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. I've done 2 test runs and was going to start my main run in two weeks for a Summer Solstice planting in E. Bay/ NorCal. Sound about right?
  2. I grow my seeds inside during the winter, take clones and flower the seeds. veg the clones and take cuts off of them for my outdoor. No males/hermies; no problem.
  3. started 5 feminized seeds 5 weeks ago. gonna veg with CFL and sunlight, clone and plant all clones out in may/june guerilla style. Ill be growing 3 autos in 1 month intervals indoors and later on the balcony for some summer harvests.
    I also still got 4 rootbound test plants with female preflowers, all results of self-pollination on last year's grow (one from a great frisian dew plant) that have been growing for (checking) 4 months 0_O. those Ill be juggling in and out with the weather for some crappy early season weed - its both more productive and less troublesome than planting them outside for decoration and I got the space.
    autos are first priority on the light when I start them, for now its the 5 frisian dew+sensi's early skunk. my CFLs are mostly 6500k and not too numerous (up until now I only had 2 23w ones, 2700 and 6500k, getting a 125w 6500k), so they wont support flowering well anyways, meaning for the spring harvest its sunny weather or nothing... we will see :)

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