when are those times that you just say "i wish i was high right now..."

Discussion in 'General' started by stayblowed, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. right when i wake up!!!!lol
  2. all day everyday
  3. When i'm doing something i don't usually do, that i think would be awesome high. Something trippy, eating food that is really good which would be better high, watching a funny movie.
  4. when i'm sitting through a lecture.


    right before a meal
  5. school,work,and anywhere thats boring
  6. when Im somewhere awesome in nature like on a mountain or when Im camping.
  7. what an easy question

    whenever im sober lol
  8. When im sober at tacobell. Its just not the same.
  9. when i wake up, school, work, my dreams
  10. All the time! I love smoking before work. Being stoned really helps pass the time
  11. Digital photography class. 6pm-10:10pm

    shit. fucking. sucks.
  12. Right now.
    Need to buy more tomorrow.
  13. at night when i got no weed

    but i gots plenty tonight
  14. right now...

    ... I'm so stressed about my first day of college tomorrow, a little Em Jay would help ease my mind.
  15. On long car/bus/train rides that seem to go on forever.
  16. word to stoned taco bell bro!

    + rep jus for that
  17. I wish I could be hit full force by a great high the second I step out of my work onto the street, and for the train ride home.

    *thinks about getting a sneak a toke
  18. When I get off work. Nothing better than smoking a bowl after a long day - makes me appreciate it a bit more. :D
  19. Anytime I see a trippy sunset or some cool clouds, also whenever I'm in my east asian religions class :smoke:

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