When and where did you lost your virginity?

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  1. prom night FTW I was 17 at the time[​IMG]

    well it wasnt actually prom night, it was the day after when everyone from our class rented out some condos near a beachwalk, best time of my life, had mad weed, beer, no parents, cops didnt give a fuck, and I banged my prom date + some other chick (my prom date didnt know)

    I loved my senior year[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    post yours
  2. My house with my girlfriend when I was 16.
  3. freshman year, with a wonderful jewish girl, her parents later moved the whole family out to new mexico, it was weak. High school made for good times.

    College treats me nicely with the girls though...even though 1 is still in high school and the other should be given her age...*sigh* gotta lay low for a few months :smoking:
  4. i was 16 in a mini van at a party with some girl drunk as hell....yeaaah....good times :)
  5. Technically and scientifically speaking, when I was 7. It wasn't consensual.

    My first willing time was when I was 15. It was at my boyfriend's house. We had been fooling around for a while, and one day I just shoved him down, whispered in his ear asking him if he wanted to fuck, and then started riding him. The look on his face was priceless. I must say, it was pretty epic.
  6. i just caught a boner
  7. /sigh at the poster above me.

    Anyways on topic. I was 18 (yeah stfu) and it was in my buddies car haha.

    It was with this chick i knew from high school, we were pretty good friends. and i found out she wanted to fuck....so i told her straight up we should, and she broke up with her boyfriend that night, and my buddy let me borrow his car and yeah, thats pretty much it lol.

    Funny thing is, i drove to one of my smoke spots to do it at. It was the only chill place i could think of haha.
  8. dude unexpected sex in the back of a car is so much better than planned sex for some reason
  9. A long, long time ago in Galaxy far, far away...
  10. I crack up every time I read the title :smoking:.

    Couple years ago (17) with a chick I didn't know very well when drunk at a party... Nothing special I guess.
  11. 3rd grade, my best friends sister, on her bed.


  12. Yeah i had a good time haha.

    It was fun fuckin with my buddy the day after. We were hotboxing and i was just like "hey dude" "what?" "i was fuckin naked in your car last night man" "aaaaaaaaaaaaw shit i know dude, i could smell the victory the next day"

    lol good times.
  13. whoa dude, Im sorry but I would never let a guy be butt naked in the my car EVER, esp. banging a chick out, all kinds of nasty juices being let loose:eek: you should have at least gave his car a dam inside wash:eek:
  14. in your bed, with your mom. 15 years ago:wave:
  15. I guess you fucked her in a mini nascar bed then:wave:
  16. On the headboard it says "Victory Lane." You got that right...


  17. yeah, we tore that shit uuuuuuuuup

    and LOL @ the pic above ^^^^

    /thread !
  18. with my girlfriend at the time... i think i was 14, but could have been 15...
  19. age of `13 in my girlfriends basement watching a horrifying movie. we were both virgins, she has turned into a big slut since then. it was a good experience though.
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    I was 16 and it was in one of the hotel rooms inside the universal studios theme park in orlando. it happened with my brother's-bestfriend who was 18 at the time and we had been flirting with each other for a while. And since we stayed at the hotel in the theme park we could go into the theme park earlier than most so my brother my cousin and my friend left early and him and i stayed in the room. I was in the shower he asked if i he could come in and bursh his teeth and he wouldnt look i said sure and next thing i know he is in the shower, and before long we ended up in the bed.. no one ever knew.. or so i think.

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