When and how to pinch cola stems?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Phyll, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. ...hey HEY!. All male specimines are his-to-ry! Now, these babes have the white-ish stuff (fur) comin in with the leaf sets but still very slow and the leaf stuff is still very green. The 12/12 schedule is into week three. Is it too soon to determine which strain I have going? They're gonna change their appearance again, right? Is there anyone who has these too? I'm using lot's of CFL's and a variety of colors. (Daylight, Soft and Cool)...
    ...and, who knows anything about the so-called Supercropping method? It seems risky to do intentional damage to a plant in order to get it to respond in a positive way...Just my opinion but what do I know? I have at least 8 weeks of flowering time to go. I'll be adding some bonemeal (LOL) to the soil and if it's not too risky, I'll try it (the pinch)
    on one stem. Does it work? Are CFL's good enough for this?
    What can I do to help my CFL's get the most out of these last 8 weeks?

    Grow In Peace

  2. you shouldn't pinch after your into flowering. do thta when you are vegging.

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