When aliens come, humans will be scared as fuck of them

Discussion in 'General' started by Shabab, May 22, 2010.

  1. I mean, everyone is scared shitless over spiders, myself included. What if aliens were huge, dripping, talking spiders, or something along those lines? With 16 legs? I doubt anyone would "welcome" them...
  2. yo man if we can smoke a blunt together its all good :smoke:
  3. I'm prejudice against alien spiders and wouldn't smoke with them.
  4. I would attempt to be hospitable until they start acting like asses, then my guns will be close by.
  5. i doubt they would even associate themselves with our species, they would hit up the whales way before even considering humans
  6. just a thought real quick...
    what if we are the aliens :eek:
  7. ^^^ I would say they would hit up all the other earth spiders and ask them who was their main threat.

    They would say us and we'd be fucked.!

  8. indeed we would :p

    royally i must say
  9. I'm all for immigration and everything, but earth for earthlings.

    I'm gonna come out blasting

    but not really
  10. Well, anyone who can travel between star systems is far beyond our technological capabilities... whether or not they are to be feared depends on their reasons for showing up.
  11. To other living things in other planets, we are. I mean, think about it, aliens are living things that are not of the territory you are in. So by not being on "their" territory, it makes us aliens. Shit... We better zap our selves before other aliens do! :eek:
  12. QFT

    I wouldn't be hostile until they started massacring people. Then the flamethrower comes out.

  13. errr i would say "does your planet have bud? get me some of that shit!"
  14. what if aliens were extremely beautiful women?? thatd be pretty disarming and maybe they could work over our world leaders with seduction techniques and then we'd be fucked. too bad canada's PM was only a woman for like 4 months, she couldve saved us
  15. What if she was secretly bi, or even full on lesbian :eek: .. then we would all be fucked. And good point by the way.
  16. The mass would not welcome them, but what makes you think they have not contacted our race? There are many theories that certain groups do control the world and those individuals might have had contact with other beings. They know how unpridictibale humans are. We are not ready for it yet
  17. rofl, a fuckin' alien will shoot a peace beam at you and sooth your mind instantly
  18. if i saw a giant spider that could talk walk out of a spaceship my brain would explode

    and i would shit my pants

    both at the same time
  19. I honestly think people would freak out no matter what they looked like.

    I mean, seriously - look at how racist we are to begin with. How the fuck are we gonna act when they land?

    As a whole, we need to grow the fuck up. Or continue living in the dark ages. It's our choice.

    Sorry for the rant, but it's true. Now please excuse me while I smoke some weed that's bound to send me to another planet! This shit smells like poopies!!!! :hello:
  20. zeta reticuli

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